“Such a Snack”: Fans Go Drooling Over Charles Leclerc’s Latest Avatar as F1 Tricks the Ferrari Star

It is the first race week of the 2023 season, and it is extremely hard to keep calm! And to think of the season ahead, we’ll be having the return of the Las Vegas GP, for which preparations have already started in a huge fashion. Last year we saw a display of cars on the city’s strip, where the race will be held this year. And this year, in fact, yesterday, the first promo was released to welcome the track to the calendar.

And the star of the promo was none other than the heartthrob of millions of fans of the sport and otherwise, Ferrari superstar, Charles Leclerc, who featured in a glamorous red glittery jacket! The driver looked superb and undoubtedly had fans drooling over him. 

However, the catch was that the driver claimed to have been informed that other drivers too would feature such attire! But having been tricked (well, maybe), he was one of the very few to don the wig and drop some shades, which reminded several fans of the iconic singer Elvis Presley. Leclerc wasn’t the only driver in the glittery red jacket, but he was certainly the best one in the entire attire, which we all also believe wouldn’t have taken a lot of convincing to get him into.

Everyone loves the look on Charles Leclerc

Everyone understands the media duties, but maybe the driver’s confidence made the difference and made him stand out. Leclerc’s presentation had fans crying with laughter. While fans took the matter of expressing their love and sympathy for the driver into their own hands, his team wasn’t too far behind to jump on the laughter wagon.

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The fans on Instagram too shared the same sentiment, as a few of them commented “Charles obviously has the best style”, “Charles Lepresley”, and “Lord Percival is too OP🔥.”

Charles Leclerc’s humor and fandom are what made a straightforward promotion an exciting treat for the rest of the fans. No doubt the Tifosi are crazy for the guy and want to see him lift the championship this year.

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Leclerc is ready to take on Max Verstappen this season after spending three days in the mountains and undergoing rigorous training. But certainly, so far, he has overtaken the Dutchman in the standings and leads the championship by quite some margin alongside regular drip king Lewis Hamilton.

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