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Karate Combat has trio of upcoming events in Miami

Karate Combat announces trio of upcoming events in Miami for April, May, & June
Karate Combat announces trio of upcoming events in Miami for April, May, & June | Karate Combat

The world’s first main stream full-contact Karate league, known as Karate Combat, has just announced they’re heading to Miami, Florida for three events in three months.

Karate Combat has been reinventing their namesake martial art by providing a big stage for the world’s greatest Karatekas to compete in a full contact format. KC has just announced that they will be taking their ‘unusually high for combat sports’ production value back to Miami, Florida to put on three events across three consecutive months.

Hard to believe that it’s been five years since KC put on their inaugural event in Miami back in 2018, and now the promotion is moving towards their 40th event. That’s pretty impressive, especially when you take into account how much time was lost in show business due to COVID.

So, the first of the three upcoming Miami events will be Karate Combat 38: Judgment Day on April 1st, followed by Karate Combat 39 on May 20th, and then last up there’s Karate Combat 40 going down on June 24th.

At Karate Combat 38: Judgment Day, we’ve got two title on the line here, which also happen to be two rematches. First up in the main event, KC’s middleweight champion ‘Turbo’ Ross Levine will defend his title against Igor ‘The Iberian Bull’ de Castaneda. The first time these two bulls locked horns, it was Levine who walked away with the TKO victory. Now that Ross has the belt, and this fight will be five rounds, I wonder if anything will be different this time.

In the KC 38 co-main event, Irish bantamweight champion Eoghan Chelmiah will be in an instant rematch with Peru’s Jesus Lopez. Back at Karate Combat 37 this past December, Chelmiah and Lopez waged absolute war in an explosive five round affair. Jesus was declared the winner in the Pit, but a scoring error was later discovered and corrected, which put the belt back in the hands of Eoghan. This unfortunate situation is what brought on this immediate rematch, but since their first fight was such a banger, I fully expect this rematch to also deliver.

Check out the current lineup for Karate Combat 38: Judgment Day:

  • Ross Levine vs. Igor De Castaneda: Middleweight Title
  • Eoghan Chelmiah vs. Jesus Lopez: Bantamweight Title
  • Bruno Souza vs. Bruno Assis: Lightweight
  • Erica Santos vs. Melinda Fabian: (W) Bantamweight
  • Robbie Lavoie vs. Damian Villa: Bantamweight

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