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Sky Sports Risks Angering Max Verstappen & Co. Again as a Major Lewis Hamilton-Related Goof-Up Leaves Fans in Splits: “Boycott Incoming”

The controversy over the 2021 Abu Dhabi finale is a topic that, to this day, has refused to die down. The fanbase of both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is often at war with each other on the internet. Hamilton fans refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of Verstappen’s maiden title after FIA accepted Michael Masi’s last lap decision was a “human error”. That has led them to believe that the correct outcome should have been Lewis lifting the world championship trophy for the record 8th time. They once again got an opportunity to take a dig at the Dutchman, as Sky Germany had a major goof-up during a recent broadcast.

The relationship between Verstappen and Sky Sports soured last year when the reigning champion decided to boycott them for an entire week. That was because Ted Kravitz, during the post-race broadcast at COTA, made comments about Lewis being “robbed” of his 8th world championship. The observation did not go down well with the entire Red Bull team. Now the latest development could leave a bad taste in the Austrian team’s mouth once again.

Will Max Verstappen boycott Sky Sports again after the latest Lewis Hamilton interview?

Hamilton, in a recent interview with Sky Germany, talked about a skydiving outing with the team’s reserve driver Mick Schumacher. He revealed how it was a great experience for both and how much he holds him in high regard for being a nice person. While the statement was a pretty harmless one, the graphic that ran below was not.

The graphic, written in German, referred to Lewis as an 8-time F1 champion.

Have a look at how fans reacted to it on Twitter.

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Some wondered if Sky Germany made a reference to the 2021 finale or if they just gave their prediction for the 2023 season.

Some felt it was brave of the broadcaster to put ‘8-time champion’ ahead of Hamilton’s name given that they are from the country Michael Schumacher, another 7-time world champion belongs to.

One fan had a pretty bizarre theory to convince the rest of the world about Hamilton winning the championship 8 times.

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Given how close the keys for 7 and 8 are on the keyboard, let us give the broadcaster a benefit of the doubt for the typographical error and move on. It couldn’t have been intentional, right?

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