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Blue Jays pile on 13 runs in fourth-inning eruption against Detroit

It may only be March 4th, but the Toronto Blue Jays bats appear to be in midseason form based today Saturday’s spring training game the Detroit Tigers.

Entering the top of the fourth tied at 1-1, the Blue Jays put up two touchdowns and two extra points during a never-ending hit parade, concluding the half-inning up 14-1.

Top prospect Addison Barger got the slugfest started with a single up the middle. After that, Otto Lopez and Nathan Lukes followed up with a walk and a single respectively to load the bases, before second baseman Vinny Capra’s ground-rule double brought in a pair of runs.

A wild pitch, single by Wynton Bernard, and an Andres Sosa walk ended the afternoon of Detroit’s Will Vest with Toronto now leading 5-1, bringing on reliever Jake Higginbotham as the Jays really got rolling.

It would take an additional five batters for the Tigers to finally record the first out of the inning, as the Jays eventually brought 17 hitters to the plate, with a second Detroit pitching change mixed in, to bring the Jays total to 14 runs, their highest output of the Spring Training less than halfway through the contest.

The Blue Jays also followed that inning up by hanging a four spot on the Tigers in the top of the fifth, ballooning their enormous run total to 18.

Needless to say, those tuning in from across Twitter couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

You can catch the rest of the game already in progress across the Sportsnet Radio network or listen live on


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