“Memes Are Rolling In”: George Russell Becomes the “Meme Material” as Fans Get Creative in the Latest F1 Challenge

After a long long wait, we are finally underway with the first F1 race weekend for the 2023 season. However, before that would start, as is the tradition, we saw the new F1 intro. Each driver posed for the camera in their own unique way, looking suave as ever. Mercedes heartthrob George Russell attempted doing just that but had an epic fail. Instead of leaving the fans mesmerized, he became instant meme material.

It seems that before the action on the track could start, the meme epidemic hit F1. Before the Russell memes started rolling in, his grid mate Charles Leclerc gave fans the perfect opportunity. Before we race in Las Vegas later this year, F1 is running promotional campaigns for the fixture. Like many other drivers, Leclerc was present as well. The Monegasque, much to the surprise of many, turned up in an Elton John avatar. Turns out, he didn’t plan on doing it but was convinced by the F1 that every driver was going to turn up in wacky outfits. Nevertheless, fans got enough material to play around with.

George Russell becomes the latest prey to the internet’s meme army

Coming back to the 2023 F1 opening credits, Russell did his best to look intense and ready to take the track by storm. Dressed in his Mercedes race suit, he stood between two walls with his arms extended to each. Turns out, there was no wall, it was all a green screen. As F1 learned of the immense meme potential behind the image, they released the unedited image of the Briton, asking the fans to submit their best creations.

They later chose the best submissions and released them on their official Instagram handle. The best included George as Christ the Redeemer, striking the iconic pose in Titanic with Leonardo di Caprio, and dancing alongside Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La la Land.


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Have a look at some hilarious reactions and suggestions from fans in the post’s comments.

“we haven’t even begun racing and the George memes are rolling in”

“He knew its meme material when he posed that way”

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“George Russell the type of guy to get his pose photoshopped and become a meme”

Some fans had some really good suggestions that have the potential to become great memes.

“It misses there being Spiderman holding the Subway”

“i saw a tiktok were the put him in between Lewis’ tooth gap”

“Was sure there was going to be an MJ one lol”

Given how F1 trolled George with the post, some found it hard to believe that it was the official F1 Instagram handle.

“At first i think it’s a meme account and then realizing it’s actual F1 page” 

“This has no business being as funny as it is”

“So I wasn’t the only one who thought about the Jesus statue”

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“You missed the best one… the Mercedes logo”

What other meme-worthy scenarios do you think Russell’s iconic pose can be put in? Do let us know in the comments.

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