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“4 Tags in 30 Secs Was Comedy”: Fans Roar With Laughter at KSI’s Promotion’s First-Ever Tag Team Boxing Match

KSIs Promotions put on a first-ever tag team boxing match that left fans roaring with laughter. The event took place at Misfits Series 005 on March 4, 2023, at the Telford International Centre in Telford, England. The match saw social media stars Luis Pineda and BDave form a tag team called “Los Pineda Coladas” to face off against IcePoseidon and Anthony Vargas, who formed a duo called “The Fantastic 2.” Notably, the fans were initially not very thrilled about the convention-breaking idea.

This boxing match was different from any other as it involved tag teams. Though the idea might seem quite bizarre, this match proved to be an intriguing one, as it showed that this is viable even in boxing. The ‘Tag-team’ concept has been used in pro wrestling for decades. So it easily garnered attention from fans all over the world.

The fight ended pretty quickly. ‘Los Pineda Coladas’ snatched an easy victory from the hands of ‘The Fantastic 2’ with a second-round knockout. BOXING n BBQ uploaded a clip of the fight. The clip left fans in fits of laughter. KSI and his team have truly brought forward an amusing experience for fans.

Pineda Dominates “skinny” opponents in amusing KSI’s Tag Team boxing match

Fans were highly amused by the first-ever tag team boxing match put forward by Misfit Boxing, owned by KSI. They pointed out how funny the match is. One fan, @naotaBox found it very hilarious. He commented on how one of the boxers got hit with a clean right cross and immediately went for the tag-out.

Another fan, @RLJ2DAY, shared how funny they found the match to be. He claimed that he was laughing throughout the fight. He pointed out how Pineda dominated both of his “skinny” opponents throughout the fight.

@RashadRich mocked the way ‘The Fantastic 2’ were tagging out during the fight. He joked that true friends would never allow their friends to get hit.

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One fan, @BigTanj_ observed that the losing team had poor communication and didn’t understand the rules. Unlike the winning team, which tagged out effectively by tagging while maintaining distance or at breaks.

@theteewordshow also found the match amusing, stating that the four tags in thirty seconds were pure comedy.

@Kingdanny30 found the match entertaining and suggested that it could become a sideshow for the YouTube/influencer boxing scene.


Overall, it seems like fans are finding the match amusing, even though initially the fans were opposing the idea. This shows that there might be a place for tag-team matches in the future. What are your thoughts on the first-ever tag team match in boxing? Do you think it is a bright idea? Or should it be scrapped from the history books?

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