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Michael Phelps Impressed by Kid’s Sketch of Him, Shares Heartwarming Moment on Instagram

Every child is gifted with a varied set of talents and skills. All they need is a guiding light, and who better to know this than the legendary swimmer Michael Phelps? His talent as a sprint swimmer was well cultivated with techniques at a very young age. Likewise, the 28x Olympic medalist understands the importance of positive reinforcement to encourage youngsters to pursue their hobbies. Recently, Phelps was impressed with a pencil sketch of the legend by a young girl.

The Baltimore Bullet was quick to show his appreciation toward the artist. Michael Phelps shared the post by Sky’s Arts and Crafts on his Instagram story and wrote a heartwarming note for the little girl. Let us have a look at her sketch; moreover, find out Phelps’ appreciative words for Sky.

A moment to cherish forever for the young artist 

It doesn’t happen every day when someone gets praised by the swimming GOAT. The young swimmer from Florida picked this picture while she watched Phelps’s video to improve her swimming techniques. However, Sky ended up making an adorable sketch, and her attempt wasn’t left unseen. Apparently, she tagged Michael Phelps in the post and captioned it, “My attempt to draw Micheal Phelps.”

As Phelps stumbled upon the post, he took the opportunity to share the post on his Instagram story and give an encouraging pat on Sky’s back virtually. As a caption, Phelps wrote, “How good is this!!” Moreover, he didn’t stop there. Phelps also commented on Sky’s post, and wrote, “I love it!!!” 

The comment from Phelps made the day for the little girl as she couldn’t contain her happiness. She wrote, “Thank you for the comment! I’m so happy! I know it’s not the best art, but I’ve been watching your videos looking for techniques coz I’m a swimmer too and currently competing at the Florida State Championships, and I saw a cool photo of you so tried to draw it. Thank you!!!!!!!! 😍

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It warms the heart to see Phelps making a beautiful gesture to encourage the young lady to pursue her art seriously. What do you think about this adorable sketch by Sky? Let us know in the comments section.

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