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‘Playing Cross Court(ing) to Each Other’ – American Doubles Veteran Pokes Fun at Roger Federer and Mirka as Their Nostalgic Photo Goes Viral

Who did not cry after seeing Mirka and Roger Federer breaking down during the Swiss Maestro’s retirement? And who did not swoon over the couple at this year’s Paris Fashion Week? The classic love story of the two has become a dream come true for millions around the world. But anyone who is invested enough to learn about their history as a couple will have the year 2000 close to their hearts. It looks like the former tennis player and ex-coach of Serena Williams, Pam Shriver, belongs to that group. She recently took matters into her own hands to tease the couple.

The love story of the two started when they met each other at the 2000 Summer Olympics and that was the year when the couple hit it off. And because they did not reveal their relationship to the public right away, Shriver had something to tease about.

Pam Shriver teases Mirka and Roger Federer with an old photograph 

The tennis community loves seeing the couple together. And knowing that the two had something going on during the Summer Olympics in Sydney is always exciting to talk about. And Shriver too gave in to that temptation while she teased the couple.

A fan posted an old picture of the Swiss team in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia. The tennis fans were asked to find Mirka and Roger Federer in the picture to which Shriver after pointing out the two, gave a hilarious answer. She stated, “Top right and lower left- playing cross court(ing) to each other.”

Now, no one can deny the fact that it is one of the best tennis puns. The two stood far away from each other in the picture, but during the course of the Olympics, they did get close.

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And on the last day of the tournament, they kissed each other. After two years, they made their relationship public during the Hopman Cup. What started as a “let’s see where it goes”, has now turned into a happy family of six.

The story of their first kiss

Though no one knows the details except for the couple themselves, a friend of Roger Federer, Urs Burgler, the former Swiss wrestler, who was also present at the Sydney Olympics, has detailed his side of the story.

Roger Federer and Mirka Federer
PARIS, FRANCE – OCTOBER 05: Roger Federer and his wife Miroslava ‘Mirka’ Vavrinec Federer attend the Louis Vuitton show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017 on October 5, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)

They all had gone out to a bar after Federer had lost a match. But then Mirka had gone out because it was too hot inside the bar. Burgler then pushed Federer to go along with her and use the same reason as his excuse.

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Apparently, that was the time when Mirka and Roger Federer had their first kiss.

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