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The Last of Us Mastermind Talks About the “100% Support” PlayStation Gave Them to Build 2013’s Game of The Year

The Last of Us is one of the most-watched series right now, which took everyone through a roller coaster of emotions. The fans of the HBO adaptation can’t stop singing praises of this series. It is receiving the same amount of hype as the original source once did. After all, this ongoing post-apocalyptic series is based on 2013’s Game of the Year, which has the same name.

This 2013-released action-adventure title was the best game in 2013, which got it multiple titles. This game originally came out for the PlayStation 3 but was remade for all the latter series of PlayStation due to its popularity. This title would also make its way to the PC too. The game’s creator Neil Druckmann recently shared how much support PlayStation gave for developing this masterpiece.

Neil Druckmann talks about the support PlayStation gave to The Last of Us

The ongoing HBO show’s stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey sat down with its creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin to talk about the series. Moreover, they were accompanied by the Head of PlayStation Production, Asad Qizilbash, who was also a part of this conversation.

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This group of fascinating people talked about many interesting things related to the show and the original games. Druckmann is not only co-creating this series, but he was also the mastermind behind the original games. So, he used this opportunity to appreciate PlayStation for standing by their side during the game’s development.

Druckmann revealed, “PlayStation, over the years, has given Naughty Dog so much support and trust. “The Last of Us” was the first M-rated game Naughty Dog has ever made. We weren’t known for making these kinds of games, and this kind of story. And from the initial pitch, you all were like, “Yes, let’s do this. We support you 100%.”

“These are big-budget games, and to get this level of support, I think allowed us to create something like this that hopefully resonates with players, and with viewers, the way it’s connected with us.”

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Undoubtedly, this 2013-released title was a game-changer for the Naughty Dog studios, as it propelled them to become one of the most successful video game studios. They have developed two mind-blowing Game of the Year-winning titles, The Last of Us: Part I and II, which are now getting adapted into a successful TV series.

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