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The Last of Us vs. Hogwarts Legacy: American Comedian’s Wife Almost Threw the PlayStation 5 “Out the Fu**ing Window” Over His Video Game Addiction

The Last of Us and Hogwarts Legacy, are possibly two of the most trending topic on the internet right now. The former is an ongoing HBO series that is based on 2013’s Game of the Year. Meanwhile, the other is a new action role-playing title based on the famous Wizarding World from the “Harry Potter” series by renowned author J.K. Rowling. The success of these two titles had a huge impact on the gaming and entertainment community. Because of The Last of Us series’ popularity, there has been some activity in the sales of the original games. Whereas, Hogwarts Legacy’s sales have led Warner Bros. to think about a new Harry Potter movie, while HBO Max is thinking about an adaptation.

However, the popularity of both these games has become a problem for some people. It recently became a reason for conflict between the American comedian Andrew Schulz and his wife.

Andrew Schulz’s wife nearly broke a PlayStation 5 because of addiction to the Hogwarts Legacy vs. The Last of Us

Andrew Schulz recently had the American radio host Charlamagne tha God on his podcast show called Brilliant Idiots. The duo talked about various topics, but the most interesting segment was when Schulz shared that he didn’t watch the Superbowl as he was playing The Last of Us. The American comedian then explains how awesome the game is and Charlamagne should give it a try.

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Schulz also revealed that there is an ongoing TV series adaptation of the show on HBO Max, which led many players to get back into the game. So, the American radio host revealed that his wife watches it. This led Schulz to talk about his wife and her attempt to break his PlayStation 5.

The Brilliant Idiots host shared, “This was the dumbest move on her (his wife) part, she wanted to play the Hogwarts [Legacy], the new uh the new Harry Potter game. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan, and she’s like, so can we get a PlayStation, and I was like fine and then I downloaded The Last of Us. And then I was playing that sh*t so much, she almost threw it out the fu**ing window. I was up until four in the morning, every night waking her up by smashing the square button like I was locked into this.”

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This proves the amount of love both titles are receiving right now. Have you watched The Last of Us or played Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know in the comments below.

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