“A Good Joke”: Aaron Rodgers Favorite Host Reveals Tom Brady’s Biggest Challenge as Stand Up Comedian

Tom Brady reportedly wants to dabble in stand-up comedy after his retirement from the NFL. Given the legend’s capability on the football field, it seems that he has a knack for excellence in any field he chooses. But will he be able to do it? His friends certainly don’t think so and want him to rethink it. Amid all this, Aaron Rodgers’ favorite host has revealed the biggest challenge for Brady as a stand-up comedian.

Pat McAfee thinks that if ‘the NFL GOAT’ wants to do something, he will be good at it. But he also revealed what he thought is the biggest concern for him.

Aaron Rodgers’ friend looks at Tom Brady, the comedian

Aaron Rodgers’ friend Pat McAfee is looking at Tom Brady, the comedian, with both hope and skepticism. McAfee summarized the reports about the seven-time Super Bowl champion wanting to jump into stand-up comedy.

“I would assume if Tom Brady wants to do something, he would be good at it. Let’s also assume that Tom Brady’s gonna have incredible writers alongside him that will make Tom Brady funny, but nothing has suggested to us that Tom Brady will be able to deliver a good joke,” the host said on the ‘Pat McAfee Show’.

The ex-NFL punter also pointed out the news about ‘The Greatest Roast of All-time’ featuring Brady on Netflix. And he speculated that the QB’s stand-up comedy comments might have something to do with the roast itself. At least that is what he assumes.

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Brady has already said goodbye to the football field and is looking for another career away from playing football. But the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB has a lot on his plate besides comedy.

The future after retirement

Tom Brady has a lot lined up for him after his retirement from the NFL. The legendary QB hung up his cleats earlier in February after 23 seasons in elite football. In his career, he became the face of the game he played. And that will have a lot lined up for him now.

Brady already has a 10-year broadcasting deal with Fox Sports. The deal is worth $375 million, putting his average annual salary at $37.5 million. He won’t need to think about anything else. But if he has to, the QB has a lot of businesses running already.

The ‘Brady Brand’ apparel line is gaining traction in offline stores too. He also owns the fitness and nutrition brand TB12 which is doing well. Apart from that, Brady has an NFT company called ‘Autograph’ and a sports marketing firm called ‘Religion of Sports’. So, he doesn’t really need to dabble into anything. But the question here is, will the legendary QB be a good comedian if he really wants to?

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