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Australia World Baseball Classic schedule: Dates, times & how to watch every 2023 WBC game

Australia is yet to achieve any meaningful success in the World Baseball Classic, but they will look to change that this year when they travel to Tokyo to compete in the world’s greatest baseball tournament. 

Starting March 9, Australia will take on some of the world’s best on the baseball field, hoping to once again improve on their last tournament’s finish, and make it out of the first round for the first time.

This will be a tall order for the Australian team, but players like Aaron Whitefield and Liam Spence will work hard to give the team a punter’s chance. 

Australia is playing in Pool B, playing in Japan at The Tokyo Dome. This arena is playing host to Japan, China, Korea, the Czech Republic, and Australia.

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In order to make the quarterfinals, Australia must finish either first or second in its group.

How to watch Australia at the World Baseball Classic 

The World Baseball Classic will be hosted on the Fox family of networks, specifically Fox, FS1, FS2, and Tubi.

In Australia, this means you can watch the games on Fox Sports, or on streaming via Kayo. 

Australia’s tournament will get started against South Korea on March 9, 10 p.m. ET/ 2 p.m. AEDT.

They will play four total pool games, starting with South Korea and ending with the Czech Republic. 

Date  Game  Time (ET/AEDT) Channel (U.S./AUS)
March 9 Australia vs. South Korea 10 p.m./2 p.m. Fox/Kayo
March 11 Australia vs. China 10 p.m./2 p.m. FS1/Kayo
March 12 Australia vs. Japan 6 a.m./10 p.m. FS1/Kayo
March 13 Australia vs. Czech Republic 11 p.m./3 p.m. FS1/Kayo

Team Australia World Baseball Classic 2023 roster

Despite missing star MLB pitcher Liam Hendriks – who is currently undergoing cancer treatment – the Australians have stacked up a deep lineup, headlined by Chicago Cub Liam Spence and LA Angel Aaron Whitefield. 

 In addition, there is a tonne of talent pulled from both the domestic league, as well as American and Canadian leagues. 

Team Australia has put together a 30-man roster to compete in Tokyo, including 15 pitchers. 


Player  Team  Throws
Tim Atherton Brisbane Bandits R
Sam Holland Brisbane Bandits R
Warwick Saupold Perth Heat R
Will Sherriff Perth Heat L
Josh Guyer  Sydney Blue Sox R
Liam Doolan Sydney Blue Sox R
Steve Kent  Melbourne Aces L
Jon Kennedy  Melbourne Aces L
Blake Townsend  Seattle Mariners/Melbourne Aces L
Dan McGrath  Melbourne Aces L
Mitch Neunborn  Quebec Capitales/Adelaide Giants R
Luke Wilkins Adelaide Giants R
Todd Van Steensel Gastonia Honey Cutters/Adelaide Giants R
Jack O’Loughlin Detroit Tigers/Adelaide Giants L
Kyle Glogoski  Cincinnati Reds/Auckland Tuatara R


Player Team  Bats/Throws
Alex Hall Milwaukee Brewers/Perth Heat S/R
Ryan Battaglia Brisbane Bandits R/R
Robbie Perkins Canberra Cavalry R/R


Player  Team  Position Bats/Throws
Jake Bowey  Perth Heat  1B L/R
Darryl George  Melbourne Aces 1B/3B R/R
Rixon Wingrove Philadelphia Phillies/Adelaide Giants 1B L/R
Robbie Glendinning Kansas City Royals/Melbourne Aces INF R/R
Jarryd Dale San Diego Padres/Melbourne Aces INF R/R
Liam Spence  Chicago Cubs/Adelaide Giants INF R/R
Logan Wade  Brisbane Bandits  IF S/R


Player  Team Position Bats/Throws
Aaron Whitefield LA Angels/Melbourne Aces OF R/R
Tim Kennelly  Perth Heat OF R/R
Ulrich Bojarski Perth Heat  OF R/R
Andrew Campbell Brisbane Bandits OF L/R
Jordan McArdle Adelaide Giants  OF L/R

How does the World Baseball Classic work?

The World Baseball Classic will see four games of pools for every team. Pools are broken into A, B, C, and D. Pool A is being played in Chinese Taipei, Pool B will be in Tokyo, Pool C is in Phoenix, and Pool D is in Miami.

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The top two seeds of each pool will advance, leaving eight total and 12 teams eliminated. This is different from past years, which spawned new pools after pool play concluded (pools E & F). Instead, there will just be quarterfinal and semifinal games, followed by the championship.

All games will take place over the course of two weeks — March 8 – March 21.


In the quarterfinals, the teams emerging from Pools A & B will play in Tokyo and the teams from Pools C & D will be in Miami.

World Baseball Classic 2023 schedule

Here’s a look at the full schedule for the World Baseball Classic.

Pool A (Chinese Taipei)

Date Time Matchup Channel
March 7 11 p.m. Cuba vs. Netherlands FS1
March 8 6 a.m. Panama vs. Chinese Taipei FS2
March 8 11 p.m.  Panama vs. Netherlands FS2
March 9 6 a.m. Italy vs. Cuba Tubi
March 9 11:30 p.m. Cuba vs. Panama FS1
March 10 6 a.m. Italy vs. Chinese Taipei Tubi
March 10 11 p.m. Panama vs. Italy FS1
March 11 6 a.m. Netherlands vs. Chinese Taipei FS2
March 11 11 p.m. Chinese Taipei vs. Cuba FS2
March 12 7 a.m. Netherlands vs. Italy FS2

Pool B (Tokyo)

Date Time Matchup Channel
March 8 10 p.m. Australia vs. South Korea FS1
March 9 5 a.m. China vs. Japan FS2
March 9 10 p.m. Czech Republic vs. China Tubi
March 10 5 a.m. Korea vs. Japan FS2
March 10 10 p.m. China vs. Australia FS2
March 11 5 a.m. Czech Republic vs. Japan FS1
March 11 10 p.m. Czech Republic vs. Korea FS1
March 12 6 a.m. Japan vs. Australia FS1
March 12 11 p.m. Australia vs. Czech Republic FS2
March 13 6 a.m. Korea vs. China FS2

Pool C (Phoenix)

Date Time Matchup Channel
March 11 2:30 p.m. Colombia vs. Mexico Fox
March 11 10 p.m. Great Britain vs. USA Fox
March 12 3 p.m. Great Britain vs. Canada FS1
March 12 10 p.m. Mexico vs. USA FS1
March 13 3 p.m. Colombia vs. Great Britain FS2
March 13 10 p.m. Canada vs. USA FS1
March 14 3 p.m. Canada vs. Colombia FS2
March 14 10 p.m. Great Britain vs. Mexico FS1
March 15 3 p.m. Mexico vs. Canada FS2
March 15 10 p.m. USA vs. Colombia FS1

Pool D (Miami)

Date Time Matchup Channel
March 11 12 p.m. Nicaragua vs. Puerto Rico FS2
March 11 7 p.m. Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela FS1
March 12 12 p.m. Nicaragua vs. Israel FS2
March 12 7 p.m. Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico FS1
March 13 12 p.m. Dominican Republic vs. Nicaragua FS2
March 13 7 p.m. Israel vs. Puerto Rico FS1
March 14 12 p.m. Nicaragua vs. Venezuela FS2
March 14 7 p.m. Israel vs. Dominican Republic FS2
March 15 12 p.m. Venezuela vs. Israel FS2
March 15 7 p.m. Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic FS2

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Date Time Site Matchup Channel
March 15 6 a.m. Tokyo  Pool B runner-up vs. Pool A winner FS2
March 16 6 a.m. Tokyo  Pool A runner-up vs. Pool B winner FS2
March 17 7 p.m. Miami Pool C runner-up vs. Pool D winner FS1
March 18 7 p.m. Miami Pool D runner-up vs. Pool C winner Fox


Date Time Venue Matchup Channel
March 19 7 p.m. Miami Quarterfinal 1 winner vs. Quarterfinal 3 winner FS1
March 20 7 p.m. Miami Quarterfinal 2 winner vs. Quarterfinal 4 winner FS1


Date Time Venue Matchup Channel
March 21 7 p.m. Miami Semifinal 1 winner vs. Semifinal 2 winner FS1


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