Back to Back Punches in Resurfaced Video Stuns and Turns the Clock for Hockey Fans

For ice hockey fans, brawls on the ice are more exciting than games in the NHL. Every battle in the game has a permanent place in the league’s annals, making them true icons of the sport. When the Edmonton Oilers and the Colorado Avalanche met on March 5, 2011, it was like a boxing fight inside the rink. Steve MacIntyre, who is also known as ‘Big Mac’ of the Oilers, and David Koci of the Avalanche squared off in a fight. Recently, the video of this fight has seen a resurgence in popularity as hockey fans reminisce about their most intense faceoffs.

After being shared by on their official Facebook page, a video of the old fight that took place more than a decade ago quickly went viral. It also didn’t take long for fans all across the globe to go on a journey down memory lane after rewatching this classic NHL brawl.

How did this ice hockey fight go?

The Oilers had a 3-0 lead prior to the collision. It was two minutes into the second period of the game, and the Colorado Avalanche were beginning to feel the pressure. During the 2010–11 season, both clubs were at the bottom of the league and badly needed a win. By 2:23 into the middle round, Steve MacIntyre, who was seeking an opportunity, was standing pretty close to the Avalanche’s net. While he had the puck, David Koci stood in front of him, and he couldn’t score. Quick as a flash, Big Mac pushed and smashed Koci to the ice. But the Czech wasn’t about to let that shove go unnoticed, and as he got up, he gave Big Mac the death stare.

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Koci locked his gaze squarely on Big Mac and saw that the Oilers center had dropped his gloves and stick in preparation for a serious battle. The same thing happened to Koci, and he too promptly discarded his gloves and hockey stick. The referee blew his whistle, and everyone on the ice braced themselves for a hard boxing battle. Big Mac threw the opening punch after they had both skated away and gotten into position. When the audience and the commentators went wild, they grabbed each other by the sweater and began trading blows. What’s more, Koci offered Big Mac a sneer while he was getting smacked by the Oilers center on the helmet, which just served to heighten the tension of the situation. As they skated, they continued to fight until the boards and referees intervened.

How did the NHL fans react to it?

In a moment of pure nostalgia, NHL fans flocked to a Facebook post by to express their thoughts. Here are some comments to prove it.

According to one fan, the Oilers’ center does not belong in the NHL, saying, “Macintyre to the ufc!”. Among all the fans who are hit with the nostalgia wave, this fan says, “Big Mac attack he had some good bouts when he was with the Oilers.”


The main reason why hockey fans love brawls is explained by this comment, which was left by a fan that reads, “This the only american sports that actually let them duke it out legally in a game besides MMa. Lmao.” Another fan compared the Big Mac with a biblical beast, saying, “Kudos to Koci for standing toe to toe with this behemoth.”

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What do you think of this epic ice hockey brawl? Let us know in the comment section.

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