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“The B*lls on This Kid!”: Chris Eubank Jr. Blasts Conor Benn for Playing the ‘Victim’ in Piers Morgan Interview

Conor Benn has been in deep waters because of his positive drug test controversy in October of 2022. He was scheduled to square off against Chris Eubank Jr. in their highly anticipated match-up. Ahead of the bout, he tested positive for Clomifene in his VADA drug test. The bout got canceled thereafter and Eubank Jr is cutting no slack in calling out Benn for his positive drug test. Meanwhile, Benn has explicitly denied the allegations made against him of being a “cheater”.

On the Piers Morgan uncensored show, he denied the allegations by explaining that the positive result was due to the overconsumption of eggs.

He also opened up on the show and revealed the mental health battle he has grown through over the past few months due to the controversy. One individual who did not feel sorry for Benn was Eubank Jr.

Chris Eubank Jr. is not buying Benn playing the victim card

Benn looked upset over the fact that he was being called a “cheater” in the interview. When asked about how he dealt with the allegations, he stated, “Yes, it has hurt me. I didn’t think I was going to make it through this period.”

There are severe consequences for a fighter if caught positive in a drugs test. Most importantly, it is heavily criticised by people in the sporting world. One such individual who has publicly questioned the legitimacy of Benn’s denial of accusations is Eubank Jr.

After the show got aired, the boxer took to Twitter and stated, “I was 99% sure (Conor Benn) is a cheat but after watching that interview with Piers Morgan now I am 100% sure. Imagine failing two drug tests and then trying to play the victim!? The balls on this kid!!Or should I say..The eggs on him.”

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Conor Benn hits back at Eubank Jr. tweet

Benn did not hesitate to clap back at Eubank Jr. He responded to the tweet and stated, “You’re Sat there trying to play the victim but tried blackmailing me for 1m pound. You shit house.”

The drama between the two competitors adds fuel to the promotion of their potential fight if it ever was to take place. The hostility between the two will drive them to bring their A game.

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Do you think the fight between Conor Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank Jr. will ever happen? Let us know in the comments.

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