Boxing World Erupts as Boxer Leaves Taxi Driver With Nose Bleed to Set an ‘Example’ in Street Altercation

Street fights are vicious and can get unpredictable. Although at times it becomes a necessity to defend oneself, it is best to stay out of it. Recently, a video surfaced on Reddit in which a boxer was forced to knock out a taxi driver. The taxi driver reportedly chased the boxer who was riding on a motorcycle. The boxer who according to the video is a traffic agent seemingly felt the need to defend himself and thereafter he punched the driver.

It is unclear as to what precisely caused the brawl to take place. In the video, the traffic agent’s bike appeared damaged. The taxi driver seemed to be enraged by the biker and resorted to violence. Thereafter, the boxer had to defend himself and punched the taxi driver.

The video posted by a user named @ni2103 on Reddit starts after the taxi driver reportedly chased the biker down and caused damage to his vehicle. The taxi driver wearing a blue shirt is seen trying to grab the biker and cause harm. The biker then lands a sharp left hook, instantly dropping the aggressor to the ground. The taxi driver falls stiff and stays down for a few seconds. He then sits up and slowly gets back onto his feet, with blood dripping all over his nose.

The taxi driver made certainly made a lapse in judgment in deciding to throw down with the boxer. The clip went viral and fans had a field day in the comments section of the post. Street fights always attract the attention of the public and this one is no exception.

Fans react to the one-punch KO

A user named @CodedRose stated, “Looks like the taxi driver learned a valuable lesson.”

Meanwhile, @Schkywalker said, “I don’t speak much Spanish, but did the cameraman say to the dude that he has to set an example at 0:35?
Well, consider an example set.”

While @KilnGrenade said, “He made an example out blue shirt. Everyone followed that example and just yelled from a distance,” @Readonkulous was concerned about the motorcycle. They said, Poor bike, bleeding oil all over the road.” 

Lastly, one user named @Satsukilumnaru took shots at the taxi driver. They said, “Dat boy leaking”

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Noticeably, many users in the comments section of the post were seen showing support for the boxer as he was believed to be merely defending himself. What is your take on the incident? Do share your views and opinions with us in the comments below.

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