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“He’s Gonna Come at Ya…”: Chiefs HC Andy Reid Breaks Silence on Eric Bieniemy Getting Hired by Commanders

The defending Super Bowl champions have lost an integral part of their team. Coach Eric Bieniemy has parted ways with the Kansas City Chiefs and taken up the role of the offensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders. In addition to taking up the reigns as the offensive brain of the Commanders, Bieniemy is also expected to act as the assistant head coach, a role he is all too familiar with. Having served as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator for the last five seasons, Beiniemy had appeared for a number of head coaching opportunities, but nothing seemed to work out.

The firing of Washington’s Scott Turner opened up a new door for coach Eric Bieniemy, but the task ahead is a tall one. Washington finished the last season as the 20th ranked offense in the NFL, the involvement of Eric Bieniemy could potentially change that. The Chiefs coach Andy Reid recently broke his silence on the matter, dishing out words of encouragement for Eric Bieniemy.

Eric Bieniemy, the right man for the job!

Most NFL fanatics have high hopes for coach Eric Bieniemy, and rightfully so. The man has an exceptionally stacked resume and the confidence of the entire Commanders organization.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid came out in support of Eric Bieniemy, and he only had great things to say.

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During an interview this week with 106.7 The Fan in Washington, Reid said, “I’m not telling you I wanted to lose him to Washington, but at the same time, you want what’s best for your guys, He’s worked his tail off to have that opportunity to be a head football coach in the National Football League, and it didn’t work out, and some of it was because of the shadow that I think I cast. And we talked about it.

Andy Reid certainly has some regret when it comes to losing someone as essential as Bieniemy, but this was too big of an opportunity for Eric to let go of.

A player’s coach

Andy Reid went on to discuss Bieniemy’s impact on the players. “He loves his players, that’s what’s the most important thing, and he’s gonna teach them how to do better when they screw up. I think every player wants that and that’s the way he operates. And he’s gonna come at ya, he’s gonna challenge ya. I mean, that’s healthy,” Reid said.

Reid feels that the Commanders have to understand that Bieniemy intends to give equal opportunities to every player on the roster. There is huge hope resting on Bieniemy’s shoulders, but it all boils down to the team’s reaction. If the players do indeed buy into his system, then they might enjoy the same success as the Chiefs.

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