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‘Idiot’ pitch invader tackled in front of Messi

Lionel Messi had a close shave with an “idiot” pitch invader following Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League loss to Bayern Munich.

A despondent Messi was collecting his thoughts after the 2-0 round of 16 loss when a young man approached him at pace at Allianz Arena.

The pitch invader then slipped on the turf before being tackled by security.

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A fan invades the pitch at Allianz Arena. (Getty)

“We don’t want that idiot coming onto the pitch, the security mops that situation up,” commentator Jonathan Pearce said on Stan Sport’s coverage.

It appeared the man was attempting to get close to greatness, rather than hurt Messi, who dealt with the incident calmly.

It is a familiar situation for Messi, who was twice accosted by fans running on the field while playing for Argentina against Jamaica last year.

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A fan invades the pitch at Allianz Arena. (Getty)

A fan sprinted onto the field in the 65th minute and tried to take Messi’s photo.

Messi stood and watched the spectator being subdued at his feet while the fan still tried to snap an image with his phone.

And after scoring a goal, Messi was approached by a bare chested fan who asked him to sign his back.

Messi looked as if he was about to scrawl a signature before three guards tackled the fan and more swarmed in.

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