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Weeks After Accusations of Pointing a Gun at Woman, Joe Mixon’s Trainer Calls 911 After Hearing Multiple Gunshots Near Star RB’s Home

Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon has found himself to be in the midst of a police investigation. The RB was at his home when the incident occurred in his neighborhood area. After police deemed the area as a crime scene, it left fans pondering if Joe Mixon was in official trouble once again. They made a 911 call from Nixon’s home to report the incident that had taken place.

The distress call was reportedly made by Joe Mixon’s trainer Sean Pena. This reporting of the incident by his trainer led to a distinct impression created in the NFL world.

Mixon’s trainer informs authorities of the incident

According to reports, Joe Mixon’s trainer Sean Pena called 911 after hearing gunshots outside his residence. According to Pena, one of the kids was running around holding a gun in his hand, which was presumed to be a fake. Then the kid went back to his car and pulled out another weapon from the car. This gun was a real gun, and the kid went back and forth on a driveway of a house in the neighborhood. He then proceeded to fire his gun while screaming and running.


Fans shared their thought over the incident on social media as well, as Mixon is no stranger to accusations lately.

According to reports, it injured one juvenile as a bullet fragment struck him on his foot. The police have deemed the area a crime scene, including Joe Mixon’s home.

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Further investigation into the matter is still yet to be conducted by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office. Only then there will be more clarity on the incident that took place.

 Joe Mixon is on thin ice once again

When it comes to being surrounded by controversies, Mixon is not a stranger. The RB was recently accused of pointing a gun at a woman. This led to an arrest warrant being released in the name of the Bengals’ running back. Staining a reputation makes it hard for a footballer to climb back and build that reputation once again.

It will be interesting to see how this incident unfolds as well. With accusations already looming on Mixon’s head, a new incident might not be what the running back will want to proceed with. Until they make further investigations, fans will be on the edge of their seats to see what the police unearth in another horrifying story about Joe Mixon’s life.

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