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“What a Disgrace”: NBA World Bemoans $280,000,000,000 Rich Investors Despite Massive Cash Injection Rumors

The National Basketball Association is one of the best leagues in the world. With more than millions of average viewers per day, the NBA has never failed to attract fans. The collaborations and investments are something to take note of. However, recent news on a potential investment from a Middle East country has received an unusual response from its fans. 

Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA has often shown his support to the USA Basketball Association, especially during the time of FIBA World Cup and Olympics. News on NBA’s collab with the UAE has made the above news on investment more probable.

Adam Silver and NBA face heat after news of a huge potential investment from a Middle East country 

Abu Dhabi’s fund, ‘Mubadala’ which is worth a lumpsum amount of 280 billion dollars might have its eyes on a team in the NBA. The fund which has an exorbitant amount of assets is expected to invest in the league very soon. The US Basketball Association recently announced the exhibition matches that will take place in UAE in August for the FIBA World Cup. 

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The Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks had even played a match in October of the last year in Abu Dhabi. The connections between the UAE and the NBA continue to rise over the years. Moreover, the USA Team which will host Greece and Germany in August for a warm-up event as a part of the FIBA World Cup is set to be invested by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism. All the above connections have emerged as signs of a possible investment from the country. 

Though it is good money and a great collaboration for the NBA, fans do not seem to approve of it due to the country’s history. Here are some of the fans’ reactions throwing shade at the league for an expected move: 


A look into Team USA’s preparation for the FIBA World Cup

The US Team clinched a spot in the FIBA World Cup after defeating Uruguay 88-77 in the qualifiers. With Steve Kerr announced as the head coach of the men’s basketball team, fans are hyped to know what the team will do this year in the Philippines.

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After winning the title back to back in 2010 and 2014, the USA ended in the 7th spot in the 2019 World Cup. However, the team will look forward to redeeming itself this year in August after their 2020 Olympics win

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