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A Two-Year-Old Admission by MrBeast Tells Us How He Risked His Main Channel Only to Do the Charitable Deeds in the Present Time

MrBeast is one of the biggest internet celebrities right now. His journey to be the king of YouTube has been glorious, and he had expanded his reach even more during this course. Jimmy currently has numerous YouTube channels to his name, and each of these is witnessing massive growth.

These are dedicated to various genres like gaming, philanthropy and even reacts. The star even has regional channels which introduces his main content in a local language. But did you know that Donaldson was willing to sacrifice his main channel for growing these subsidiaries?

The risk MrBeast was willing to take

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is the individual who is currently on the YouTube throne. The internet sensation in 2022 beat several records to be the most subscribed individual on the video sharing platform. But Jimmy was ready to sacrifice the main channel that garnered him the YouTube King title for his subsidiary channels.

A tweet from 2020 by Jimmy was stating this very fact. The star was seen talking about how he wanted to utilize his main channel for a bigger case.

Source: MrBeast YT

That is, Jimmy wants to use the influence and popularity that his main channel has garnered to grow his subsidiary channel. He expressed in that tweet that he did not mind running his main channel at a loss if it meant that his subsidiary channels are getting the needed limelight.

The entire picture of why he wants such a factor is wholesome. The content king wants this to happen so that someday he would be able to open shelters for the homeless and run food banks for the needy. He also expressed that he wants to give away all the money for the people in need.

Donaldson also had started MrBeast Burgers with the same intention in mind. During the initial COVID times, he wanted to help the struggling restaurants, and MrBeast Burgers was a solution that he found for doing it.

And from the way things are currently going, it seems like Jimmy is in this very pursuit. His recent videos were mainly oriented around these ideas.

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Through his main channel, the 24-year-old shared a video where he was able to get eye care for 1000 people who were suffering from vision impairment. Now, he has released a video for his philanthropic page where he distributed 20,000 shoes to kids in Africa.

He also shared the news that he donates each penny that is made by the Beast Philanthropy channel to charitable causes.

Though Jimmy is facing a backlash from some on the internet because of his vision surgery video and the Feastables tweet, it doesn’t seem like they have fazed him. The star would most likely pursue the journey he had taken, while constantly being a helping hand to many in need.

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