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Battling a Crippling Drug Addiction, Ex-Celtics Player “Lived in the Worst Neighbourhood” of Boston While Kobe Bryant, Shaq Printed Big Money

The NBA is an incredibly difficult league to get into. According to a statistic last year, only 4,706 players have played in the NBA. Considering its 77-year history, that is an awfully low number of players to participate in the league. However, it is even more layered than it was assumed to be. The percentage of players that reach the success level of players like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James among others is even smaller. Recently, a retired NBA star narrated his story of struggles, while playing in the league.

A former Boston Celtics star that played in the same era as Kobe Bryant and Shaq, recently explained how difficult it was for him to work at that level while battling his inner demons. Chris Herren revealed it all while being interviewed by Vlad TV.

Chris Herren recalls his struggling battle with drugs while playing in the NBA

Many wouldn’t remember Christopher Albert Herren, but he was one of the most talented point guards from High School in the class of 1994. Some touted him to be better than the Hall Of Famer, Allen Iverson during the time. However, his drug abuse also started during the same period. 

Herren’s drug problem only worsened from that point on to a state where it was impossible to talk him out of his addiction. So much so, that he was kicked out of his first college, Boston College, for failing drug tests. 

Despite his problem being out in the open, the talented youngster from Massachusetts ended up in the NBA with the Denver Nuggets, and a year later with the Boston Celtics. However, the NBA didn’t actually help Herren to get rid of his issues as he mentioned in a recent interview with Vlad TV. When the interviewer asked if people from the league were unaware of his condition, Herren gave a heartbreaking reply.

I was playing for the Boston Celtics living in the worst neighborhood in Fall River, Massachusetts,” said Herren. He further added, “And I say ‘worst’, I don’t wanna offend anybody, it’s just a tough neighborhood man..a small apartment, with my wife, with my look back now and like, How did we not pick up on that?

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Herren’s drug issues going unnoticed by the league, was a big shock as one would think that someone would try and help the individual. Additionally, one would think that players in the NBA strike multi-million dollar deals, making such situations unheard of. However, years later Herren has learned his lesson the hard way and has been sober for over a decade now.

Chris Herren and his path to sobriety

The former NBA star didn’t manage to stay in the league for long, especially when he realized he couldn’t match the hard work of superstars like Kobe Bryant and Shaq while dealing with substance abuse. He quickly transitioned to foreign leagues where the hard work was relatively less, and he could play hoop with his health condition.

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However, as his basketball came to a halt in a few years, so did his battle with drugs. The ex-NBA star OD’d in June 2008, and crashed into a utility pole. It was a turning point for the then 33-year-old as he decided to go through full rehabilitation. It was a decision that changed his life and in the last 15 years, he is actively trying to help people deal with substance abuse including giving mentorship to young basketball players.


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