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Wrestling Legend Destroys CM Punk for Trying to Gain “Cheap Heat” by Burying Hulk Hogan: “I Don’t Have Any Respect for Him”

One of the best eras in pro wrestling was when Hulk Hogan was at his peak. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer was certainly the biggest babyface in WWE and also a heel in WCW. However, CM Punk took a shot at The Hulkster’s legacy in his first AEW promo. This has not sat well with a legendary wrestling figure who hit out on Punk for his promo.

Hogan’s close friend and the former RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff doesn’t have any “respect” for Punk. Moreover, he says the former WWE Champion’s promo was “cheap heat”.

Eric Bischoff shoots on CM Punk for Hulk Hogan promo

The former WCW official appeared on the Going Broadway podcast a few days ago. When asked about CM Punk, Bischoff quickly said, “I don’t have any respect for him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I never met the guy. We’ve never had a conversation, we never shook hands, and nothing.”

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He further said, “When he came out and the first thing he did was go for the cheap heat by burying Hulk Hogan. It’s like, ‘Wait a minute, dude. You never met Hulk Hogan.”

Bischoff added, “You’ve never worked with Hulk Hogan, you certainly don’t know Hulk Hogan, and you haven’t accomplished a fraction of what Hulk Hogan has accomplished. So why are you burying him?’”

The former RAW General Manager praised “The Best in the World’s” WWE run, even though he hasn’t watched all of it. Bischoff wasn’t watching wrestling when Punk was at his WWE peak. However, the comment regarding Hogan in his AEW promo brought him on the WCW legend’s radar.

As the world rejoiced in CM Punk’s professional wrestling return, the WCW legend wasn’t a fan of the same. He also had a reason for it.

The reason why Bischoff thinks Punk took a shot at Hogan

The former Senior Vice President of WCW shared why he thinks Punk took a shot at Hogan in his AEW promo. According to Bischoff, he said those words for the internet wrestling universe, which he believes consists of a majority of AEW supporters.

Also, the wrestling legend added, “When a talent has to go to the low-hanging, ‘cheap heat’ fruit right out of the shoot, that tells me he doesn’t really have anything.” Since then Bischoff has had no respect for the former two-time AEW world champion. 

The hosts and Bischoff also shed a light on Punk saying he and Jon Moxley going to AEW was bigger than Kevin Nash and Scott Hall going to WCW. Hence, Bischoff called CM Punk an “average talent” after his AEW promo.

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