“Baltimore Fairy”: Fans Join Ryan Garcia to Slam Gervonta Davis’ Weight Ahead of Mega-Fight

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis previously met in an explosive face-off and press conference this Thursday and Friday. Garcia and Davis have been planning to go off since November 2022. However, they faced some hindrances in signing the contract, but now the fight has been confirmed. The talks and the build-up have been executed, and finally, on Apr 22, the boxing world will get to see the two warriors face each other inside the ring. And recently, ‘The Flash KingRy’ took thrashed ‘Tank’ in his Instagram Story.

The online boxing editor uploaded the screenshot of the story on Twitter. In the Story, Ryan Garcia took a shot at ‘Tank’ by sharing a photo of him besides his own. Now, in the collage, Davis can be seen as a bit overweight and he also seems to be a bit paunchy. While on the other hand, Garcia could be seen looking quite fit and lean.

The fans joined Ryan Garcia to take a dig at ‘Tank’, as many fans pointed out that Davis could be in better shape and they made some overweight jokes in the comments section. Not only that, but a boxing legend also blasted Gervonta Davis for being late at the press conference with Garcia.


Fans have fun with the trash-talking between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis

One of the fans, SmeshExpress, made a joke about Davis looking like a pregnant woman.

Another fan, Axeltrt_, hilariously made a joke around Davis’ hometown, Baltimore.

One fan, ULTRA_1301, stated that Davis is not as tall as ‘The Flash KingRy’, so obviously, he will manage his weight differently than Ryan. So, he defied all the slams that came in the direction of ‘Tank’.

Another fan, deathb4effects, warned Ryan Garcia not to pay much attention to Gervonta Davis’ weight, and make sure he doesn’t end up like Luke Campbell after the fight.

Some fans also came in support of Gervonta Davis and did not just blindly slam him.

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A fan, cchrxs_, stated that Davis could come up looking like that on the fight day, and the fan is sure that ‘Tank’ would still be the winner.

JustAGnome11 wrote that Davis doesn’t seem to be scared of Ryan Garcia and also branded ‘KingRy’ as “pillowhands”.

This is the highly anticipated fight of this year, and it’s fun to see these two engaging in back-and-forth trash-talking before the fight.

How much are you excited for Tank vs Garcia? Let us know in the comments section.

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