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‘Heartbroken’ Suni Lee Takes an Upsetting Step Ahead of Paris Olympics 2024

It was an emotional moment for 20-year-old Suni Lee to leave her school to prepare for the Paris Olympics. In a recent Twitter post, the gymnastics champion shared a glimpse of the crowd that came to see her and bid her farewell and best wishes for her next career venture. Resharing a Twitter post by Auburn Memes, Lee expressed that her admiration for the institute tops the charts “more than anything” else.

Lee had been a student of St Paul’s Battle Creek Elementary School. Deeply attached to her school, Lee once paid a special visit to her school after winning a gold medal in the Olympics. In fact, partnering with Amazon to donate supplies worth $5000, Lee has a strong bond with her old school. Expressing her deep love for the school, Lee penned a heartfelt message in the caption of her recent Twitter post.

Suni Lee shares her feelings and experiences about her school

Lee captioned this post, “Heartbroken, I love this school more than anything. war damn.” With this, she also posted the emoji of a red heart, expressing her fondness for the school.

Before this, Lee had also shared her experience about her school in the Them podcast in 2022. The star gymnast revealed, “I was like so shy, it was so awkward that I would never talk to anybody.”

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Further, she elaborated that she would be in the classroom by herself, completing her schoolwork. Being a studious kid, she would go to school from 7 am to 11 pm and then practice from 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm. After finishing school, Lee went to Auburn University to study business marketing. Not only that, Lee had accepted to be with Auburn University on a full-ride scholarship.

Fast forward to February 2023, she amazed fans with her splendid performance in Alabama while competing for the Auburn Tigers.

Suni Lee scores a perfect 10 for her spectacular uneven bars routine in Alabama

Lee displayed her amazing gymnastics prowess in Alabama’s Coleman Coliseum. Performing a handstand, Lee then did a gymnastics move called Jaegar. Post this, she attempted the gymnastics move Maloney. A video by ESPN gives a glimpse of this marvelous feat.

Further, Lee went on to do a gymnastics move called Gienger. Later, she completed her performance by doing a fully twisted double-back move and landing smoothly on her feet. Her performance helped her to defeat other competitors like Jordan Paradise and Darien Goborn. However, the emotional farewell to Lee as she leaves indicates that this might have been the last season Lee played for the Auburn Tigers.

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