Lewis Hamilton’s Ironic 5-Word Statement Leaves the F1 World Taking Sarcastic Jabs at the 7X Champ: “Certainly Didn’t Age Well”

Where do you go if you have stayed at the peak for too long? A team facing an unprecedented slump would be in an ideal situation to answer that. Case in point, the downward trajectory of Mercedes in the past few months. The glorious feat of the German team winning eight constructor titles in a row would make anyone have faith that the team that has excelled for so long cannot tumble down, but little did we know. A bitter throwback from last year has reminded the world of the confidence Lewis Hamilton had in his team and how it hasn’t been a rosy journey after that.

The troubles of porpoising Silver Arrows have already been talked about a million times, but it still is a curious sight to see that the champion team hasn’t been able to better their construction. A video posted by ESPN F1 on their official Twitter account has put forth the ironic state of affairs at Brackley as compared to the undying faith their champion had in them. The same Lewis Hamilton who recently blasted his team for not listening to him has contrasting emotions in the said clip.

The interviewer questioned Hamilton, “Do you fear that the team will not be able to give you the car capable to win and fight for the championship?” Irked by the question, the Briton replied, “Why would I feel that way?” Now cautious, the journalist still went on to state, “May have built a car which is not capable to win the championship.”

Hamilton, still confused by the question, reiterated himself, saying, “Why would I ever think that, we have won eight in a row. Why would I ever feel that way?” The journalist then pointed at the invincibility, saying, “Because they can make a mistake building that car.” And having complete belief in his team, the 7x champion stated, “My team doesn’t make mistakes.”

While it is a true sportsman’s quality to have faith in your team and people, the Mercedes trajectory hasn’t quite done justice to the faith Hamilton had in them.

Fans were quick to bring “La La Land” resident Lewis Hamilton back to reality

Lewis Hamilton lost his calm when he openly called his team out for not listening to him and bringing on an underwhelming car in 2023 as well. But a contradictory video from Barcelona Testing last year has the fans calling out the irony of the situation. Have a look at the comments below:

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Fans were quick to point fingers at the man who vehemently defended his team last year. Because this was the usual undertone of all of Hamilton’s conversations before he became visibly upset with his team recently.

The growing Mercedes troubles have not been a secret and the recent tweet by ESPN has just reminded the fans that it wasn’t always like this, but last year Lewis spoke too soon.

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Do you think Mercedes can come back from the quicksand-like situation they have been drowning in for months now?

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