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“Beginning of the End for the TV License” – Crucial Women’s Soccer Game in Jeopardy Due to Gary Lineker’s Suspension by BBC, Fans React

Gary Lineker has taken the world by storm after the UK-based media house BBC suspended him. The former England international was suspended after publicly criticizing the Conservative government’s immigration policy. Lineker criticized the British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, for using similar language to Nazi Germany to promote a plan to stop asylum seekers who arrive on boats across the English Channel.

Soon his comments spread across the whole internet, thus resulting in the BBC making a tough call for their sports broadcaster. They further released a statement saying the “Match of the Day” show will take place as usual, only without any hosts or commentary.

Fans react to BBC’s dilemma as WSL match in jeopardy

Gary Lineker has been a part of the BBC’s famous “Match of the Day” show for many years. However, it was the first time in history that the show took place without him. And it seems it is going to continue this way, as they announced Match of the Day 2, and coverage of the WSL match between Manchester United and Chelsea will be in a reduced format.

This has left them in quite a bind as they are facing another disruption to their famous sports coverage. Moreover, it has also led to netizens flooding Twitter with their thoughts.

Indeed, the fans have pretty strong views regarding the situation.

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Gary Lineker deepens BBC Wounds

The 62-year-old’s departure has surely created a ruckus for everyone around the world, including the BBC. The former England international is getting a huge amount of support from many countries around the world.

In fact, several co-hosts have come to his support, as both Ian Wright and Alan Shearer also informed the BBC that they would not be appearing on the show. In fact, he is getting immense support from several Premier League players, who wish not to appear in post-match interviews.

Moreover, another notable host, Alex Scott, has also come out in support of Mr. Lineker. She is quite known for hosting the BBC’s “Football Focus” TV program in Britain. The former England and Arsenal defender announced her decision on Twitter.

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Indeed, the fire has increased all over Britain, and it has already started in other countries as well. It remains to be seen what will happen regarding the situation.

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