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“Didn’t Know, I Didn’t Realize”- KSI Unknowingly Gave Away $20,000 Worth Red October Yeezy “To Clear Some Space”

Celebrities are known to spend their fortune possessing weird yet expensive items, and JJ “KSI” Olatunji is no different. This English YouTube star owns some of the strangest and most expensive items; $500,000 Beerus Chain being one of the best examples. KSI also enjoys spending his money on stylish attires.

This 29-year-old is one of the most fashionable members of his YouTube group. So it won’t be surprising to know that JJ Olatunji possesses expensive clothes and shoes. But what’s mind-blowing is that he doesn’t even keep track of what he buys or how much they cost. He recently revealed about giving away one of the rarest and most expensive pairs of shows to clean up his house.

KSI gave away $20,000 Nike Air Yeezy II Red October!

The YouTube star KSI recently collaborated with Complex, one of the most-known sneaker stores, to add some new shoes to his collection. While shopping for new sneakers, KSI stumbled across a pair of Nike Air Yeezy II Red October. The YouTuber shared that he owned the same shoes once and “gave it to charity.”

He revealed that he found out about the worth of those shoes while talking to his fellow Sidemen members about them. He shared, “I was talking to them and I was just like the Red Octobers, and I saw they were going crazy over it. Being like, oh, it’s worth $20k or something like that. I was just there like, what?”

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The 29-year-old then started laughing at his stupid mistake of giving away such expensive shoes. He explained his reasons for giving them away, “[I] didn’t know, didn’t realize. I was just like I need to clear some space in my house.” He then again laughed away his blunder and made fun of it, saying, “Look, some homeless man is gassed.”

Yeezy is a line of sneakers by American rapper Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas. But what set these Red Octobers apart was that they were created by Nike. The Red October is among the last products of Kanye and Nike’s collaboration. Only a few pairs of these shoes are available, which explains why they cost $20,000. But this price can increase more depending on the availability of the sneaker size.

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What would you do if you had such expensive shoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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