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Los Angeles Dodgers Star Mookie Betts Revealed Some Unfiltered Facts About Himself During a Game of “Fair and Foul”

The Los Angeles Dodgers star, Mookie Betts has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his excellence in the ballparks. He has achieved incredible feats, leading two teams to World Series victories, and earning his place among the greats of baseball. But while the slugger is undoubtedly a daunting force in the ballpark, what do the fans know about the real and personal life of Mookie Betts? Well, recently, he played a game of “Fair and Foul” during an MLB interview, giving fans a glimpse into his thoughts and opinions on various topics. 

Now one may be wondering, what exactly is Fair or Foul? It’s a game that allows people to put out their candid and unfiltered thoughts by answering random questions, where they reveal why they like something or why they don’t. And with the baseball phenom being the good sport he is, he tackled the questions with signature free-spiritedness, revealing some interesting facts about himself. 

Get to know the man behind the legend of Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts didn’t hold back when it came to answering questions from the mundane to the intriguing. The slugger gave some honest opinions, giving a glimpse of the real him in the process.

While some things were a no-brainer for the player, such as his disdain for mayonnaise and putting milk in the bowl before the cereal, others proved to be a little more intriguing. Take, for instance, the question of stepping into the foul line. While the player was confused about whether he was superstitious about it or not, he firmly believed that stepping on the foul line was as foul as it gets. He has a preference for ketchup on hot dogs and has a love for the [crowd] wave at a baseball game! 

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When it came to fashion, mixing brands was a no-no for him. And while he may be a baseball sensation, he wasn’t immune to the discomfort of a long flight. He admitted to taking off his shoes on airplanes and dubbed it as a fair. However, Betts dubbed recreational milk drinking as foul! This game sure gave fans a peek into the man behind the legend! 

Another hidden side of the Dodgers slugger! 

Bowling has been a passion for Mookie Betts since he was a little kid. In fact, he was rolling strikes on the lanes before he even knew how to read. At the age of three, he first discovered the thrill of the bowling alley, pushing the ball down the lane with both hands until he grew strong enough to just do it with one. 

Just last month, Betts used his love for bowling to make a difference in the world. He hosted a charity bowling event through his foundation. The event was a success in its mission to provide medical and financial support to children in need. So, whether he’s rolling strikes on the lanes or hitting home runs out of the park, it’s certain that Betts has a heart as big as his talent!

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