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“They Ain’t Gone Pay Him”: Tyreek Hill Turns NFL Insider to Drop 5-Word Bomb on Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson and his contract negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens had been a topic of recent discussion in the NFL world. The debacle still continues to grow, as the Ravens decided to use the non-exclusive franchise tag on the player last Tuesday. This means that Jackson can talk to other teams for a potential deal that the Ravens can either match or decline. But surprisingly, not even a single team has come forward with an interest in the QB. Now another player has come forward to reveal the true intentions of the Ravens with their QB, according to his own source.

Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill has come out with more interesting information on the Jackson saga from a close source he has.

Tyreek Hill believes Ravens will lowball Lamar Jackson

During an episode of the Cheetah Podcast, Tyreek Hill opened up about how he got information regarding the standoff between the Ravens and Lamar Jackson. He talked about how the Ravens might lowball Jackson, as they are not looking forward to matching the quarterback’s demands. Despite Lamar Jackson being considered one of the prime assets for the Ravens, the team is indecisive about the future Jackson has with them.


Tyreek Hill said, “What’s crazy is, when I went to the Pro Bowl, a close source who plays inside of the Baltimore Ravens facility, they was like.. They ain’t gonna pay him.” This is a possible hint from Tyreek that the Ravens will try to keep Jackson at a much lower contract deal than the one he is expecting from them. 

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Despite being on the sidelines with a Grade 2 ankle sprain, Jackson is still considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in the game, including his 2019 MVP season with the Ravens. But teams have not come forward with any offers for the 26-year-old QB, who still has a lot of potential in the NFL.

Jackson still searching for the concluding chapter

The negotiation stalemate between the Ravens and Lamar Jackson has been going on for quite a while now. It is mostly because the QB feels that the team is undervaluing him by offering him a contract for $160 million to $180 million. Jackson feels he is worth more than that. The second reason is that the $230 million signing of Deshaun Watson has led the QB market to tumble. 

While fans still speculate what Jackson will decide, it will be interesting to see if he decides to stick with the Ravens with a lowballing offer or wander in search of a new home.

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