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“How Embarrassing for the Islanders to Lose..” – Shakira’s Surprise Appearance at NHL Game Alongside $40 Million Worth Carson Daly Leaves Fans In a Frenzy

Shakira has been in the public eye for much more than a month. She went viral after she released her first diss track with Bizarrap, earlier this year. Since then, the fans have gone absolutely berserk and cannot stop lauding her top-notch music. Just a few days ago, the Latin American star made a surprise appearance at an NHL game. The fans were quite confused after spotting the singer in the stands. The Colombian star had come to watch the Islanders face the Capitals.

The New York Islanders fans were embarrassed after receiving a major thrashing during the game.

Fans react to Shakira’s surprise appearance

Shakira has been in America for the last few days. The Latin American singer flew to the US for a live performance on Jimmy Fallon’s television show. She did a live performance for the first time since 2020. However, she did receive major backlash from her fans immediately after her performance. Days later, the Colombian star made a surprise visit to an NHL game.

The fans spotted Shakira in the stands with American broadcaster, Carson Daly. Even the official NHL social media handle posted a picture of both celebrities. Let’s have a look at how the fans reacted to Shakira’s surprise appearance.

Most of the fans are still scratching their heads. They cannot understand the reason she would travel for an NHL game. However, they then realized that their Colombian idol was already in America. A few Islanders fans have also reacted to the social media post. It was embarrassing for them because the Capitals battered their club 5-1.

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This wasn’t the first time Shakira made a surprise public appearance in America. A day after her live performance, a fan pictured the record-breaking singer in an M&M store.

Shakira gets emotional while talking to a fan!

As per the photos, the Latin American singer came across a fan while shopping at an M&M store. The two of them then naturally started conversing with each other. Within just a few seconds, Shakira was already tearing up. Everyone is still unaware of the contents of that discussion. Nonetheless, the two of them seemingly had a very heart-touching conversation in the candy shop.

While the pictures of Shakira in an M&M store are circulating online, she is anyways supposed to move to the US in the next few weeks. The 46-year-old is hellbent on leaving Spain and the bitter memories. She is extremely keen on starting a new life with Milan and Sasha, her two children. Her relocation to America will not eradicate but will surely make Gerard Pique’s presence in their lives as minimal as possible.

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Were you expecting to ever see Shakira at an NHL game? Let us know in the comments below.

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