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“Needs to Leave Ferrari”: Italian Circus Strikes as Charles Leclerc Prepares for 10 Place Penalty in Saudi Leaving Tifosi Furious

How can you be the third time ‘unlucky’ just the second time around? Charles Leclerc‘s continuation of Ferrari‘s misfortunes is the answer to the rather peculiar question. ‘Forza Ferrari’, which has been screamed by many race and championship winners of the iconic team, has now been reduced to a meme-like rip-off. The term literally translating to Ferrari Power is the most paradoxical, as apart from strategic blunders, Ferrari power units are the biggest pain for the most successful team in the history of the sport. The news of a 10-place grid penalty already in the second race has the Tifosi’s patience hanging by a thread.

During the season opener, Bahrain GP, Charles Leclerc’s qualifying was compromised as the strategy call was to save the tires for the race. The man had the best reaction time when the lights went out and continued to push, however even the new power unit he took the very same day didn’t help him as the Monegasque left the season opener with a DNF. The redemption hopes seemed destroyed as his teammate, Carlos Sainz, also refused to push because of the fear of another DNF for the team.

As quoted by, the Ferrari TP, Frederic Vasseur, said, “Unfortunately, they were the electronic control unit twice and it is something that we have never experienced in the past,” he added, “I hope we have it under control now. We did a deep analysis on this. But unfortunately, we will have to take the penalty in Jeddah because we only have a reserve of two ECUs for the season.” 

Once the word got out, fans were quick to throw in their two cents on this issue. The Tifosi have already had it enough and a 10-place grid penalty will be hard for them to digest. They also showered their empathy towards Leclerc.

Fans believe Ferrari doesn’t deserve Charles Leclerc and his talent

The Monegasque lost out on his championship contention owing to a lot of things and most of them being shortcomings on his team’s part. Leclerc, who was described as the most talented one by the quadruple champion, Sebastian Vettel, keeps losing at the hand of his own team. And now the fans have called the scarlet team out, stating they don’t deserve him. Have a look at a few of the comments from F1 Twitter:

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The frustrated fans have now begun calling it a clown show as the strategy calls and engine blowups look like something out of a comedy movie.

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What are your thoughts on the continuation of the misfortunes of Ferrari?

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