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Netizens Demand Justice After Cameras Caught Cody Rhodes ‘Wasting a Fan’s Money’ During WWE SmackDown: “Refund That Man”, “I Felt Sad”

WWE superstars put a lot of effort into impressing the fans and giving them their money’s worth. To make the matches and fights more interesting, the wrestler often try to use their brain to bring some creativity into their performance. For this reason, in order to spice up his brawl with The Usos on WWE SmackDown last week, Cody Rhodes pulled out a move on Jimmy Uso. But it looks like fans are not so impressed with his stunt.

Cody Rhodes throws beer on Jimmy Usos’ face

The closing moments of last week’s SmackDown saw The American Nightmare and Sami Zayn stand tall against The Usos. In the main event of the night, Jimmy and Jey Uso came out to the ring to address Sami Zayn and Rhodes after the epic betrayal on Raw. The twin brothers were trash-talking about the 2023 Royal Rumble winner and his new ally.

Fed up with their trash talks, the 37-year-old star came out to the ring to confront them. He asked the twin brothers not to talk of him behind his back. If they have anything to say about him then they should say it to his face. A few minutes later, the confrontation heated up and turned into a brawl.

To level the playing field, Zayn came out to the ring to aid his new friend. The four began throwing punches at each other. After a few minutes, all four wrestlers went behind the barricade to continue their fight. Then the Rhodes took a cup of beer from a fan’s hand and threw it on Jimmy Uso’s face.


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Though some of the fans enjoyed this segment, the majority of the WWE Universe was upset by the fact that Rhodes wasted an expensive cup of beer.

Fans want WWE to compensate the person whose beer was wasted

Going to Twitter, the WWE Universe demanded WWE pay a refund for wasting the fan’s money on the show segment. Here are some of the top comments from the fans.

“Someone needs to refund that man his $25 beer”

“With the price of beer at arenas I hope they got the guy a replacement on the house.”

“He had better of bought that dude another beer it ain’t cheap you know.”

“That fan deserves free tickets to Mania and the next hometown show for this…and two rounds of beer.”

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The WWE Universe feels bad for the poor fan.

“The guy loosing a $15 beer. 👄👁

“i felt sad for theirs beer they didn’t even drink it although their money got waste. 😢

“Lol beer at those venues is pricey 😂 I’d be sad”

“That’s like $37 worth of beer.”

“Me: “Not my beer!!”😩

“Don’t waste food.”

Surely no one wants their hard-earned money to go to waste even if it was done for entertainment purposes. The fans really felt bad for the person whose beer Rhodes’ used although so far the person in question hasn’t talked about the issue at all.

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Do you think WWE should compensate him for their actions? Let us know in the comments.

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