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With Wife 7 Months Pregnant, Pat McAfee Explains Why He’s Walking Away From $120 Million: “I Wouldn’t Want My Child to Have…”

Pat McAfee has been making waves in the media industry lately. As a former  Indianapolis Colts punter, he was already known for his impressive athleticism. However, his decision to transition into a media career has proven to be a lucrative one, with McAfee earning millions from his various deals.

Despite this success, McAfee is reportedly considering yet another career change. Recently, there have been reports circulating about his departure from a $120 million deal with Fanduel. McAfee addressed these rumors during a recent episode of his show, ‘The Pat McAfee Show’.

During the episode, McAfee was joined by panel host Aaron Rodgers , but before diving into their discussion, he took a moment to address the reports by the New York Posts

Pat McAfee addressed the walkout rumors

On the broadcast, McAfee addressed the reports. He mentioned, I wouldn’t want my child to have any of the stresses or anything that potentially brings into your life that. Although you know when people get money. It is not perfect. Life is not perfect when you get money, either. A lot of new problems come.

McAfee also said that he always had a mindset of not being a father and remaining a workaholic. It was his prime excuse for not having a kid and staying alone for the rest of his life. But everything changed when he met his wife, Samantha. The former Indy Punter hailed her as the best mom, and the couple now has a baby on the way.

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Experience changes a person, and now the eminent broadcaster is cherishing his time on being a father soon. Pat McAfee is not seeking to make any mistakes when he becomes a father and is trying to make things go positively. He also would not want to make the mistakes several Hall of Famers have made in their careers.

Former Indy Punter would not do what Hall of Famers have done

Pat McAfee is on the way to becoming a father for the first time. With a kid comes great responsibility, as the kid would require extra care and attention from the parents. The former punter is also trying to make sure that he does not do that.

While speaking on the Pat McAfee show, the host explained he is willing to do what is best for the family. McAfee also addressed he would be more present, unlike several Pro Football Hall of Famers have done already. He added that listening to them saying they did not give time to their kids in their HOF speeches made him realize that he does not want to do that.

Pat McAfee is already on the trajectory of being the best Daddy ever.

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