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“Beginning to Be Unsustainable” – Annoyed Gerard Pique Claimed to Be ‘Studying Alternatives’ to Put an End to Shakira’s Public Attacks

Gerard Pique and his personal life have been a major piece of gossip in the last two months. The fans cannot stop contemplating the different scenarios of his personal life. Pique has also been on the end of severe criticism from the fans and the media.

All this while, the soccer veteran has quietly sat and heard every insult. However, the FC Barcelona legend has now reportedly reached a tipping point. He is tired of the limitless uproar from the fans.

As per recent reports, the soccer legend is figuring out different alternatives to stop this drama.

Will Gerard Pique file a lawsuit against Shakira?

Over the course of time, a few fans have felt extremely bad for Gerard Pique. But that doesn’t matter because a major chunk of the fanbase is still extremely angry at the soccer veteran. Most of the fans will never forgive Pique for his infidelity against the Colombian singer. All this time, he sat quietly and did not respond to any public criticism.

However, Shakira’s recent live performance on Jimmy Fallon’s television show drastically changed the mood around the Shakira – Pique saga. A fresh report from Semana suggests that Pique is considering his options to put an end to this madness.

Saul Ortiz told Semana, “Piqué is trilling, after verifying that the singer has ignored the request not to make public aspects related to the privacy of the family they have in common”.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
MADRID, SPAIN – NOVEMBER 24: Shakira and Gerard Pique attend Davis Cup Final at Caja Magica on November 24, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Europa Press Entertainment/Europa Press via Getty Images)

He continued, “Sources very close to the athlete warn that his weariness is huge and that he is studying alternatives to end this situation that is beginning to be unsustainable”. As per this report, Pique is still staying away from the legal approach. He is sincerely hoping that Shakira understands the intensity of the situation through a simple dialogue with him.

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On the other hand, the soccer veteran’s family is desperately waiting for Shakira to leave Spain.

Pique and Clara Chia Marti will get married soon!

Recent reports suggest that the new celebrity couple is looking at the possibility of marriage. Pique is reportedly very much in love with Clara Chia Marti and is ready to take the next big step, a step that Shakira didn’t take for more than a decade. However, Chia Marti prefers a rather lowkey and small marriage reception considering the never-ending saga with Shakira.


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The wedding could happen really soon, but only after the Grammy Award winner leaves the country. The new celebrity couple just feels that the Shakira – Pique controversy would eventually die down after Shakira relocates to America. As of now, the FC Barcelona legend is holding back filing a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend. He truly hopes that she leaves Spain by the end of March.

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Do you think Pique will ever file a lawsuit against Shakira? Let us know in the comments below.

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