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Conor McGregor Gives His Stance on Dana White Getting Rid of Ariel Helwani From UFC: “Look at Me. I Get Caught Up Into It, Too”

Conor McGregor is back in action and is in high spirits, as he has been making rounds of interviews lately. The former two-division UFC champion recently appeared on Ariel Helwani’s podcast, The MMA Hour, where he discussed his career, vision, and his highly anticipated comeback. During his appearance, a playful moment between the two brought up the infamous feud between the famed MMA journalist and UFC President, Dana White, which resulted in a ban on Helwani.

However, despite the ongoing tension between the two, ‘The Notorious’ had some wise words for the 40-year-old journalist. Although banned by the UFC boss, McGregor encouraged Helwani to look on the bright side and continue doing what he does best, even when the going gets tough. It seems like despite the ugly back and forth between Ariel Helwani and Dana White, the Irishman still wants Helwani to persevere and continue doing what he loves.

Conor McGregor turns sage for Ariel Helwani

During his appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA hour, the award-winning journalist subtly brought up the ban that was imposed on him by UFC president Dana White. “They thought they got rid of me, too. They thought I was done. But guess what? I’m still the f*cking brand, Conor.”

In response, Conor McGregor decided to share some words of wisdom with Helwani, reflecting on the situation and offering his perspective.

The 34-year-old UFC icon told Ariel Helwani“You are forever in the game, you are forever in the game.” He added, “You know what? I would say, just focus on all the good. Because you’re doing so much good. ”

The Irishman even cited his own example next and stated, “Look at me. I get caught up into it, too. I know that it’s a team, but it’s like when you take it off; there’s a lot to be happy with buzzy with. You don’t need to be at everyone.”

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Despite McGregor‘s high spirits lately, with the entire world eagerly anticipating his comeback, his return to the octagon is facing a massive obstacle that could put the king’s return in jeopardy.

McGregor is yet to get enrolled in the USADA pool

Undeniably, Conor McGregor‘s comeback is the most highly anticipated event of the year for fight fans worldwide. Speculations are ripe that the Irishman is set to fight Michael Chandler following the conclusion of TUF 31. However, it seems that McGregor is running behind schedule as he is yet to be tested. He also has not followed the six-month procedure every fighter is bound to follow.

“As of March 13, Conor McGregor doesn’t show any USADA Sample Counts in 2023.”, the report stated.

The clock is ticking, and fans are growing increasingly anxious for the Irishman to make his long-awaited return. McGregor will have to step up his game if he wants to stay on top; the world of MMA waits with bated breath to see what the future holds for the former two-division champion.

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