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“She Is Extremist”: Sylvester Stallone’s Brother Joins Forces With Fans as Piers Morgan Rips Into Vegan

Piers Morgan is one of the most controversial television personalities. He is known for his outspoken and blunt attitude. He is not the one who will shy from discussing his perspectives and from slamming those who don’t make any sense to him. One of the main reasons for the Brit’s fan following is his candor. As much as his fans like to watch him debate polarizing thoughts on his show, Morgan has become a global star over time, gaining his fair share of fans and haters.

Recently, Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone’s brother shared a video of Piers Morgan slamming a vegan on the show. After watching the video, the fans cannot keep calm.

Frank Stallone took to Instagram to share a video of the British broadcaster not refraining from taking shots at a vegan guest. As the conversation progressed, Morgan ripped apart the whole debate and made the guest realize flaws in her arguments. Recently, Frank also shared an old picture of him and his brother while they were trying to make it big.

The guest can be seen saying, “Farming and fishing is a leading cause of climate crisis.” This statement seemed enough to trigger Morgan, and he put forward his opinion on the topic. The 57-year-old responded, “You know what’s also a cause of climate crisis? Airplane, which carry vast amounts of your avocados and almonds from California and fly them to your vegan cafes.”

Morgan did not stop at that and made another point favoring his side of the argument. Morgan also went on to eat a meat burger right in front of the vegan guest to taunt her.

Fans react to the video of Piers Morgan

A user named reallifehomersimpson commented on Morgan’s debate skills and wrote, Gentlemen when your wife wants to have a fight, ask yourself, what would Pirece Morgan say.
Another user named bastienmoes is not a fan of Morgan and seemed to criticize the Brit’s debate practices. He commented,That was we call debate in USA? Seriously ?? This guy just launch some ‘arguments’ And don’t let the others speak. Great job man! When you have such debate, just make sure about your precise subject… What’s the point between avocado, almond, and being a vegan? No sense débate as always with this guy…
ethankane_1 has grown to like Morgan. He commented, Starting to like this bloke now.ajimbuu thinks that the guest is an extremist. He wrote, She not a vegan..she is extremist..
Meanwhile, romphoto1975 is not a big fan of capitalism and believes it is a deed of big corporations.The top 100 corporations cause 75% of the world’s pollution, yet we as individuals have to pay for it ! he wrote.
What are your thoughts on Piers Morgan’s argument against the vegan guest? Let us know in the comments below.

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