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“That Changes Everything”: 2x Champion Predicts a Lamar Jackson Featured Super Bowl if Traded to This Team

The future of Lamar Jackson in the NFL is still one that is clouded with uncertainty. After being a non-exclusive franchise tagged by the Baltimore Ravens, the response to recruiting the QB has been underwhelming. While Jackson is free to talk to other teams for a contract deal, the interest in the former NFL MVP is not of the same caliber as fans expected it to be. However, different analysts and athletes have given their opinion about the team that the QB should join. The latest one on that list is the former New England Patriots player Rob Ninkovich.

Ninkovich feels that if Jackson joins the Patriots, then the team can build a path toward a Super Bowl championship in the next season.

Ninkovich feels the Patriots should sign Lamar Jackson

A recent article by Khari Thompson for states that 2x Super Bowl winner Rob Ninkovich is of the opinion that the Patriots should sign Jackson. The former Patriots player feels that if the team swaps current QB Mac Jones for Lamar Jackson, then the team can think of a Super Bowl-worthy 2023 season. 

Ninkovich said, “If you’re the Patriots and you go and you make an attempt to get Lamar Jackson, that changes everything. Absolutely everything. I am a huge fan of Lamar’s style and the stresses it outs on a defense.. The Patriots instantly become the division favorites and, to me, right back into that Super Bowl hunt.”

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26-year-old Jackson has been at a standstill about his future with the Ravens. While there may be not a lot of interest building around the quarterback, the Indianapolis Colts are reportedly keen on acquiring the QB. They recently traded Stephon Gilmore to the Cowboys and also their QB Matt Ryan. These moves allowed the Colts to clear the required cap space to consider the possibility of signing Jackson.

Jackson’s contract controversy

Last year, Deshaun Watson signed a $230 million five-year deal with Cleveland Browns. This tilted the QB market as it made Jackson feel that they should value him around the same price as Watson. When the Ravens offered Jackson a three-year $133 million deal, he reportedly turned down the offer, bringing in a stalemate between the team and the player.

We consider Lamar Jackson one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL at present times. Despite his injuries, Jackson is still someone teams should watch out for on the field. Fans will be on the edge of their seats to see where Jackson lands, if not with the Baltimore Ravens in the coming days of the trade window.

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