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“Gravity Was a Paid Actor”: Gymnast Making Her Stumble Look Like a Flawless Trick Leaves the Sports World Open-Mouthed

For average human beings, anything that a gymnast does is spellbinding. From cartwheels to handsprings, gymnasts possess excellent agility, strength, and flexibility. So much so that they are capable of making a stumble on the beam look effortless. Recently, a young gymnast made a jaw-dropping save on a beam that made the sports world go berserk.

A few weeks ago, a gymnastics Instagram page named Tricks and Flipz shared a video of a gymnast performing tricks on a beam. Just when she was about to fall, she made the most beautiful save that earned her great appreciation from the netizens.

Here’s how the young gymnast made the most effortless save

In the short clip uploaded by the Instagram page, the young gymnast is seen performing at a fully packed stadium with the audience curiously watching her. As she starts performing, the gymnast does three magnificent handsprings during the first few seconds of the video.


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However, as she lands on the beam after the third handspring, she experiences an unexpected stumble. Just when it seemed she was about to fall off the beam and lose points, the skilled gymnast made the best use of her flexibility.

With great presence of mind, she rested her palms on the beam while her lower body was on the upside. Nevertheless, she made her legs do a 180-degree split that restored her balance on the beam. Eventually, she landed her legs on the wooden plank and gracefully stood up like it was a part of her fantastic gymnastics routine. Genius!

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Netizens flooded the comment section with great appreciation for the gymnast

The mind-boggling save of the gymnast made fans go gaga over her performance. Here’s how they reacted;

Netizens were in awe of the gymnast’s save. They commented on her wonderful save;

“What a save ! What a save ! What a save !”

“That was smooth asf”

Many applauded her presence of mind;

Now this is called damage control”

“Accident is unavoidable.. but intelligence is the real point..”

“Pfffffffft that is absolutely insane by that girl holy moly the skill”

Someone wrote about the roles of gravity and satan in her amazing save;

“If “not today satan” was a personnnn”

“Gravity was a paid actor”

Fans also appreciated how talented the gymnast was;

“Those people make me feel giftless”

“When you are sure of your own talents and you trust yourself you can do magic ❤

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Indeed, moments like these speak of a gymnast’s talent. It truly shows how hard they work to appear effortless while performing.

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