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“Zeus Has Spoken”: Bodybuilder’s God-Like Physique With Hairy Chest Blows the Internet With Wild Comparisons to Gods and Philosophers

A lot of what shaped our knowledge of ancient culture comes from surviving statues and murals of that period. One of the things noticeable from those periods, especially in ancient Greece, is how many of those men had long beards and facial hair. Hair is also prevalent in their chest as well. In recent times, after bodybuilding enthusiast David Alan Scheer posed with his bare body and hair-covered face, fans were quick to draw allusions to figures from past times.

In a small clip on YouTube from ‘Beard Community’, Alan Scheer is seen posing with his jacked physique in front of the camera. The hair on his chest, his head, and his body were all on point. Fans didn’t take long to notice that.

David Alan Scheer enjoys all the attention for his thick-blonde hair

“Why do you keep shaving?” was the only question that popped up throughout the 8-second clip. And Scheer is posing in various stances toward the camera. His biceps, triceps, lean body, and naturally flowing chest hair is all on display. The addition of the music from ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana also adds to the overall feel of the video.


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Alan Scheer describes himself as the ‘The Fitness Philosopher’ on Instagram, and most of his posts indicate his health obsession. And his curly, God-like hair is always there for everyone to see. As they passed comments on Iain Valliere’s shredded physique once, here they went creative with Alan Scheer’s body and hair.

From “Zeus” to “Poseidon” to “Marcus Aurelius” to “Jupiter”, here are all the allusions that fans made:

“Bro is historically accurate”

“Zeus has spoken”

“He looks Roman not greek”

“Bro would’ve been slaying in 400 BCE”

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“bro wrote the theory of stoicism”

“Plato’s most dedicated student”

“Plato’s most dedicated student”

“Fine Jupiter then”

With all these comments, David Alan Scheer is surely getting all the attention for his facial hair. Some of his Instagram posts also show him cosplaying as such figures from antiquity. With his striking blond thick hair, flowing all over his face and chest, it is clear that Alan Scheer is fascinated by the looks of the past. And he is enjoying every bit of it.

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