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Aaron Rodgers Advised to Escape the Trade Impasse Between Packers-Jets Deal

The Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers drama has been long-winded, to say the least. The NFL world has been taken to the edge. Left with a cliffhanger of sorts, fans have been waiting for the final verdict on the QB’s future but every with ‘update’ that has emerged, the situation has demanded patience. And now, fans may have run of forbearance.

From an outsider’s perspective, the situation is simple enough. Either the QB heads to the New York Jets, or remains with the Packers, or puts his playing career to rest. While the probability of the latter happening is low, Rodgers’ situation on the trade front is shouldn’t be this hard to navigate. However, the internal clauses that may have come into play could be holding the QB back from making the decision. With the NFL world’s patience waning thin, one sportscaster had some advice for the QB. And his two cents don’t involve peaceful negotiations.

This sportscaster had some spirited advice for Aaron Rodgers

Rich Eisen, like every fan who has been waiting on Aaron Rodgers’ decision, suggested a disruptive move. Speaking on the trade impasse surrounding the QB, the sportscaster suggested that the 4x MVP should head straight to the source and address the problem. According to Eisen, if the ball is in the Packers’ court, why not head over there and cause some chaos?

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Speaking on his show, Eisen said that if Rodgers was on board with causing a stir and wasn’t by public embarrassment, he could head over to the organization during the post-draft period. That’s when the Packers would be preparing to hand the reins over to Jordan Love. An excerpt from his rambling monologue suggested that he should take a trip to Wisconsin during springtime.

He also added, “You know what would be a great time to walk in? A great time to walk in would be right in the middle of a press conference being held by the general manager of the team, wow.” On the off chance that Rodgers pulls off such a move, the NFL world could potentially erupt.

Will Rodgers be forced to take a drastic step?

Dwindling patience aside, fans have been looking forward to Rodgers’ decision for a while. As one of the biggest moves of the offseason, the hype surrounding the QB has only escalated with time.

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The New York Jets have made it clear that they want A-Rod at the helm. And Rodgers himself declared that he would like to play for the franchise. After emerging from his ‘darkness retreat,’ the NFL world was hoping that the QB would quickly finalize his plan. However, the anticipation has morphed into a long-drawn saga. If the Packers don’t resolve the situation at hand, Eisen’s words could transform from a humorously suggested scenario to a potential reality.

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