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Jalen Hurts Contract Update: Super Bowl Losing QB Finds a Suitable Employer in Philadelphia Eagles

The 2023 offseason saw many teams make some difficult decisions. For the Philadelphia Eagles, all the chatter has been around their franchise quarterback Jalen Hurts. Hurts is still on his rookie contract, giving the team a massive boost in terms of the salary cap. But that could all change next year, as Hurts enters the final season of his rookie deal.

Next year, Hurts is speculated to receive a huge payday, and the man has certainly proved himself worthy of it. Having led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl game, Hurts and his fellow teammates missed out on a historic season due to a controversial call late in the game. However, Hurts showed glimpses of his innate talent and the Philadelphia GM certainly wants to retain that.

Eagles GM wants Jalen Hurts to stay

The Eagles have long felt that Jalen Hurts deserves a revamped contract. Many around the league also believed that Hurts has already outgrown his existing contract.

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Looks like the Philadelphia Eagles General Manager shares the same trail of thought as he recently opened up on Jalen Hurts’ importance.

“We want him here long term,” expressed Roseman at the Annual League Meeting.

Reflecting on Hurts’ impact on the team and his current contract situation, Roseman added, “He’s going into the last year of his deal and that’s going to be a priority for us to extend him. We have a great relationship with him. You have to navigate the offseason understanding that we’re not going to lose our franchise quarterback with one year left on his deal.

The Eagles GM is perfectly aware that 2024 is going to be a pivotal year both for Hurts as well as the Eagles roster, “Whatever that means, it means that 2024 is going to look different. We’re not going to have a quarterback on a rookie deal. We’re going into it with our eyes open and understanding that we’ve got to kind of flip it.

Roseman intends on signing Hurts to a long-term deal just like many of the existing players on his team, a choice that is certainly going to excite the Philly nation.

Hurts set for a big deal

Almost every significant individual in an Eagles uniform has given some thought to the Jalen Hurts situation. Among those was receiver AJ Brown, who felt that the Eagles not locking in Jalen Hurts could lead them to lose him as well. Brown, however, showed confidence in his GM to get the deal done.

Earlier, ESPN’s Senior NFL Insider, Adam Schefter also shared some updates on Hurts’ contract situation.

With all top-tier NFL quarterbacks signing enormous deals, Hurts is also expected to receive an offer somewhere north of  $45 million per year. While the Eagles organization could hold off on a Jalen Hurts extension, the Eagles are sold on Hurts after an MVP-level season that culminated in a trip to Super Bowl LVII.

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