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With Ex-Beau George Clooney Away, Stacy Keibler Once Played an Unusual Role in Alex Rodriguez’s Relationship With Ex-WWE Diva

MLB icon Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez, after becoming single by separating from his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, dated quite a few high-profile women. One of those women included the former pro wrestler, WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson. The ex-couple came into a relationship with the help of their mutual friends in late 2011. 

In the three years that the couple dated, they attended various events together. They appeared happy and in love. However, in one of those events, Wilson’s friend, and WWE Hall of Famer Stacy Keibler, played an unusual role while her ex-beau George Clooney was away. 

What role did Stacy Keibler play with Alex Rodriguez and ex-WWE Diva?

The iconic Met Gala is one of the most significant events in the entertainment world. Since A-Rod and Wilson started dating in late 2011, the Met Gala of 2012 was one of the first events that they appeared at as a couple.

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However, the good friend of Wilson, Stacy Keibler, who recently got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, played “third wheel” to her friend Torrie and Alex Rodriguez. Like the former pro wrestler Torrie Wilson, Keibler is getting the recognition that she deserves from the WWE world. 

For that, Wilson took to her Instagram handle to congratulate her friend for this incredible achievement. And Keibler, being who she is, accepted it gracefully.

Have a look back at Alex Rodriguez’s relationship with Wilson

Wilson and A-Rod met through mutual friends in 2011 and started dating late that year. Like any other couple, Alex and Torrie also faced many ups and downs. Hence, in 2013, rumors about the couple breaking up surfaced, but shortly after, they were seen back and happy with each other. 

After being together for three years, in late 2014, the couple ended their relationship for good. Several reasons came up for their breakup. A couple of them being Alex’s not willing to commit to Wilson and his continuous flirtatiousness with other women. However, only the former couple know the real reason.

Soon after breaking up with Torrie, the former Yankee started dating the Silicon valley CEO, Anne Wojcicki.

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By the way, do you know Alex Rodriguez dated after Torrie Wilson and Anne Wojcicki? If so, guess the celebrity in the comments below!

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