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“My Heart Breaks” – MMA World Bemoans Death of ‘Hero’ Kickboxing Champion During Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Combat fans were subject to an extremely sad piece of news recently after updates of a former kickboxing champion passing away made the headlines of multiple media outlets. While it did come as a shock for many, the fact that the Ukrainian kickboxer died serving his country made it a piece of exceptionally heartbreaking news for fans worldwide.

The late athlete, most notably, was a four-time kickboxing champion and an amateur boxer as well. As news of his death started doing the rounds, combat, and sports fans from all over shared their heartfelt condolences.

Ukrainian kickboxing champion succumbs to battle wounds

Vitaliy Merinov, a celebrated kickboxer, passed away in hospital after suffering wounds on the battlefield. Reports claim that he succumbed to the battle wounds on 31st March following his deployment in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

While it is undoubtedly hard news to swallow, the fact that Merinov stepped back into the battlefield for the second time following an earlier injury he suffered during the conflict, just shows the immense bravery that the former champ displayed in what is a harrowing phase for his countrymen.

The social media posts that Merinov made during this period display the conditions that he had to experience living in a war zone.

When news broke of his passing, respect, and compassion poured in from corners of the world irrespective of any borders or differences.

Many wished peace to the fallen soldier who valiantly served his nation.

“R.I.P. Vitaly Merinov Condolences To Your Family Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦🇨🇦🇺🇦 Heroyam Slava!”

“Eternal glory to the Hero!”

“RIP hero of freedom.”

“RIP tough guy a true war hero.”

“what a waste 🙁 RIP brother”

Despite having differences in belief, one individual expressed the respect he felt for Merinov.

“This dude is from my city. He was not only a sportsman, he was a local politician. From my point of view, he was a controversial politician. I do not agree with his position. But. I honor his fight. He was brave enough to join the war. Rest In Peace Hero”

“Heroyam Slava, dear Vitaly. Thank you for your sacrifice. May you always be remembered as the hero you are.”

“Rest easy hero. Your work is over now.

The sadness amongst fans were evident with the comments that kept coming in.

“My heart breaks. Slava Ukraine.”

“Rest in Peace Vitaliy. May your loved ones seek solace knowing you died for love of your country. Slava Ukraini!”

Vitaliy Merinov among multiple athletes to have lost their lives during the conflict

A Reddit post about Merinov described him as a four-time kickboxing world champion and also a member of a city council in Ukraine.


Vitaliy Merinov. A four-time world champion in kickboxing, champion of Ukraine in MMA and master of sports in boxing. A member of the executive committee of the Ivano-Frankivsk City Council. Vitaliy died due to the wounds sustained in combat defending his country from Russian invaders.
by u/RevealDisinfo in UkraineWarVideoReport

Merinov, incidentally, is not the only athlete who decided to be a part of his nation’s defense line after the conflict between the two nations peaked early last year. A report on News Week suggested that 185 athletes have been killed in Ukraine since the war began.

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Apart from Merinov, the likes of boxers Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko, and Vasiliy Lomachenko too, had pledged their support to their nation as they decided to join the battlefield in 2022.

Unfortunately, for the former kickboxing champ, the war had different plans for him. But despite his sad passing, his bravery will be something that will always stay etched into the memories of his countrymen.

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