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Robert Griffin III Set to Join Ownership Group of This NFL Franchise by Teaming Up With Billionaire Investor Worth $7,600,000,000

The offseason in the NFL has mostly been about how teams have been restructuring their rosters to move ahead with a Super Bowl contention-worthy team. The NFL world has witnessed a few major trades of players who have now embarked on a new journey with their new teams. But that is not the only development underway in the NFL ahead of the 2023 season. Apart from this, one franchise in the NFL might see a change of hands in terms of ownership of the team before the new season begins. And it seems like a former NFL player might be a part of the golden group that is forming.

Former NFL QB Robert Griffin III might be on his way to teaming up with $7.6 billion dollar worth investor Josh Harris in the acquisition of a particular franchise in the NFL.

Robert Griffin III to partner up with Josh Harris and Co.

The Washington Commanders might be witnessing a change in their ownership ahead of the new season in the NFL. Griffin, who spoke on the Rich Eisen show, said that he is actively talking to the group led by 76ers and Devils owner Josh Harris.

Robert Griffin III was a part of the Commanders as their quarterback for four seasons. He said that he has had a fruitful conversation with Harris and Co. and that he’s looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of the ownership group. Furthermore, he feels that to come in and build a Superbowl-winning Commanders franchise, after his not-so-promising career with the team, is an opportunity that he would not like to let go of. 

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George Harris and Mitchell Rales, along with Magic Johnson, recently submitted a fully financed bid to acquire their Washington Commanders after Dan Snyder’s intention of selling the franchise. 

Dan Snyder seems to have left the building

After 24 years of reign, it seems like Dan Snyder is looking to step down as the Commanders’ owner and let the reign of new bosses start. Snyder and his wife announced in November that they were considering selling off part of the whole franchise. They set the asking price for the franchise at $6 Billion, which George Harris and his group are expected to go after.

Profootballtalk mentioned that as per multiple sources, both Dan Snyder and his wife Tanya Snyder have already left the building facility giving a clear indication of the final change in the team’s ownership. Apart from RGIII, other personalities have shown their interest in acquiring the franchise including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

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With the way things are shaping up, it might not be a long wait for the NFL world before a new group of owners takes charge in reshaping the Washington Commanders and building an even stronger franchise. 

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