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Seconds Before Being Left Concussed and Bleeding, Cody Rhodes Said 4 Words to His Bitter Rival That Almost Ended His Career

Pro wrestling superstars are very passionate about their work. They always try to bring their A-game inside the squared circle. For this reason, when pro wrestling stars take things too far for the sake of the audience’s enjoyment, sometimes they end up getting hurt.

A similar incident happened once with Cody Rhodes and Shawn Spears. During their time in AEW, the latter severely but accidentally hurt the former AEW superstar. Recently, he sheds light on the devastating incident.

Cody Rhodes asked Shawn Spears to hit him in the head

In 2019, during AEW Fyter Fest, a segment involved Spears hitting his rival in the head with a steel chair, which was actually Rhodes’ brainchild. Moments before hitting The American Nightmare in the head, he exchanged a few words with him.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, he revealed what were those few words. He confessed during the moment the former AEW EVP asked him to deliver his best chair shot ever. He said, “‘Swing for the fences’ was the term. I said okay, ‘get your hands up’”.

“He goes, ‘No’. I was like, ‘ Buddy, you gotta put your hands up’. And he says, ‘no’. I was like, ‘Ugh d*mn’. So and again it’s Cody. I trust him. He trusts me,” he added.

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Later, Vliet asked his guest whether the chair was a “gimmick.” To which his guest replied by saying that no matter how carefully one acts, a chair move is fatal and often leads to injury of some sort for the one who receives the blow.

“Yeah, but you can shave down a chair as much as you want. It’s not a flat part, it is the lip of the chair that is always the most dangerous part. And that’s usually the part that catches somebody and in this case, it was. And it was just a fraction off,” he elucidated. 

Superstars often communicate inside the squared circle when they are performing in front of thousands. They do this to ensure a smooth flow of the match and to prevent any accidents from happening. But in this case, despite the chat, Rhodes ended up having a bloody head and a concussion.

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So, this is how the infamous chair shot segment between Shawn Spears and The American Nightmare went down. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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