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Top Comedian Puts Derek Jeter Above “100 Feet of Garbage” and Other Celebrities in Golfing Ability

Derek Jeter has always been synonymous with the New York Yankees. Now that he’s retired, the Hall of Famer has given up his bat for a golf club and is often spotted at the golf greens. Most of those games happen at his Turn 2 Foundation’s Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament, which is incidentally taking place right now. A whole weekend dedicated to golfing fun, the event often sees many celebrities from the sports and entertainment worlds. One of them is actor and comedian Rob Riggle, who is sure to make anyone around him laugh.

Of the various celebs at the invitational, some are familiar with the sport and some are not, and Jeter enjoys watching their performance. But it’s not just the former shortstop, other celebrities present there also enjoy judging each other. In fact, Riggle thinks Jeter himself is far below him in golf talent!

Rob Riggle calls Derek Jeter second-best at golf

Jeter has never won any of his golf tournaments. As the host, he feels like someone else should be the winner, no matter his own talents. Many pro golfers and other individuals quite familiar with the sport have attended the Invitational before. But Rob Riggle perhaps stands alone in his cheeky but lovable personality.

Quite the avid golfer, The Hangover actor has been playing the sport for decades, so it’s only natural he would be talented. And he clearly thinks very highly of it! Jeter’s media outlet The Player’s Tribune asked him about who he thought the best golfer around was. Riggle’s answer, obviously, was himself.

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“You want me to take myself out of the equation? Who’s a distant second out here? Probably Derek himself, because me, Derek, and then like 10 pounds, 10 feet, maybe a hundred feet of garbage and then the rest of them,” he said in the clip posted to their Instagram story.

Riggle hosts his own golfing show

Actually make that shows, plural. A former Marine, Riggle has quite the resume of talents to boast about. One of them is golfing, for which he has now hosted two shows. Last year, the actor headed the extreme miniature golf show ‘Holey Moley’, which premiered on ABC. After that, Riggle teamed up with PGX, the golf equipment and apparel company, to host a web series called ‘Playing Around with Rob Riggle.’

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The 53-year-old has played at Jeter’s Invitational Tournament before; let’s hope this fun partnership continues!

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