Report: Texas A&M to hire Kentucky coach Mark Stoops to replace Jimbo Fisher

Texas A&M recently fired head coach Jimbo Fisher, but seems to have found its next person to assume the position in Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops.

The Aggies recently faced a steep buyout of over $75 million for Fisher, fully reflective of just how ready they were to move on from him.

Report: Texas A&M to hire Kentucky coach Mark Stoops

Multiple Texas A&M outlets have reported that Stoops will be the next head coach for the team, and at this point, it would be nothing short of surprising for the announcement to not become official this week.

Stoops’ name was also mentioned in a report from ESPN’s Pete Thamel.

The writing of the news seemed to be on the wall when Stoops was asked about the Texas A&M job on Saturday after the 38-31 upset victory over No. 9 Louisville.

“This is a big win for our program and state,” he said on  Kentucky Sports Radio when asked about the subject. “I’m keeping the focus and concentration on our team.”

While at Kentucky, Stoops posted a 73-64 overall record and a 35-55 record in the SEC. Taking on what is considered one of the most difficult jobs within the conference, Stoops has found a lot of success, leading his team to eight consecutive bowl game appearances. He is 4-3 in those appearances.

Stoops has also been responsible for two 10-win seasons the Wildcats have boasted. In the 61 years before he made his way to Kentucky, the Wildcats had just one season of that magnitude.

If he is formally named the new head coach of the program, Stoops will become the Aggies’ 31st head coach in Aggies history.


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