Do teams qualify for Euro 2024 through the UEFA Nations League? How tournament works alongside European Championship

The road to Euro 2024 is gathering pace with the qualification campaign ending in November 2023 as 20 national teams have sealed their spot at the tournament in Germany.

Direct qualification confirms the majority of teams who will be competing at Euro 2024 but the final list will not be filled until after the playoffs in March 2024.

The playoff spots are confirmed via a combination of Euro 2024 qualification, and performances in the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League, with three places still available at the tournament.

The Sporting News has the latest information on qualified teams, playoffs, and how the UEFA Nations League impacts Euro 2024 qualification.

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Teams qualified for Euro 2024

Hosts Germany joined the list of 20 qualifiers at Euro 2024 with 24 spots available in total.

The 21 teams who have qualified for the tournament so far are as follows:

  • Germany (hosts), Spain, Scotland, France, Netherlands, England, Italy, Turkey, Albania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Denmark, Slovenia, Romania, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovakia, Croatia.

Do teams qualify for Euro 2024 via the UEFA Nations League? 

The final round of Euro 2024 qualifiers involved plenty of calculations as fans looked to work out how UEFA Nations League results could alter qualification.

The 12 teams involved in the playoffs are amongst those who failed to qualify via the traditional qualifying groups, but earned a reprieve in the playoffs, thanks to their performance in the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League.

At the start of Euro 2024 qualification, each national team involved was also placed in a ranked table, based on the performance in the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League.

16 teams from Nations Leagues A, B and C were given a ranking, which effectively worked as a back up to direct qualification, if needed.

The highest ranked four teams in Leagues B and C — who did not secure an automatic place at Euro 2024 — were granted a playoff safety net. 

In this instance, it was Israel, Bosnia & Herzogovina, Iceland and Ukraine (League B) and Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece and Kazakhstan (League C).

14 of the 16 teams from League A qualified automatically, with Poland and Wales the exceptions, and they joined the best group winner from League D (Estonia) and the fifth placed League B team (Finland).

When are the Euro 2024 playoffs? Fixture dates, how it works

The Euro 2024 playoffs take place in March 2024 with 12 teams involved.

There will be six semifinals, all held on March 21, 2024, followed by three finals held on March 26. All games are one-off, single-leg matches.

The six semifinals are split into three sections — Path A, Path B and Path C — with two games in each. The teams in each path are seeded based on UEFA Nations League ranking, with the top seed facing the fourth seed, and second facing third.

The winners of the three finals will join the final lineup for Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 playoff fixtures

Semifinals (March 21) Final (March 26)
Georgia vs Luxembourg; Greece vs Kazakhstan Georgia/Luxembourg vs Greece/Kazakhstan
Wales vs Finland; Poland vs Estonia Wales/Finland vs Poland/Estonia
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Ukraine; Israel vs Iceland Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ukraine vs Israel/Iceland


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