Andy Reid nuggies commercial: Inside the State Farm ‘Combo Meal’ ad featuring Patrick Mahomes

Andy Reid has proved during his NFL days that he is great at a lot of things. He’s one of the league’s most innovative offensive minds, he’s a great play-caller and, by all accounts and anecdotal evidence, he is among the league’s best coaches.

Now, he has added yet another skill to his lengthy and impressive resume: acting.

In recent offseasons, Reid has starred alongside his franchise quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, in a series of State Farm ads. He has added more of his own work to his repertoire beyond that — including a remake of a classic Snickers commercial — but he is still best known for being Mahomes’ foil.

And no place does Reid better show off his skills in that role than in State Farm’s “Combo Meal Nuggies” ad.

Reid’s performance in that spot, which was released for the 2023 NFL season, gives fans an inside look at the coach’s comedic chops and timing. It also allowed Mahomes and Jake From State Farm to deadpan in a bit that has captured the attention of NFL fans everywhere.

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Here’s what to know about State Farm’s “Combo Meal Nuggies” commercial and Reid’s love of food.

Andy Reid nuggies commercial

The Andy Reid nuggies commercial begins as all State Farm commercials do — with one of the main characters asking Jake From State Farm for assistance with something. In this case, it is Reid asking to have the concept of “bundling” explained to him.

Jake and Patrick Mahomes oblige, with the duo using the concept of a combo meal to communicate how insurance bundling makes having multiple options more affordable. However, it becomes apparent that Reid is merely having them explain bundling so he can take their food from them.

That’s what prompts Reid to utter what has become the favorite line among those who enjoy the commercial.

“Explain it again with those nuggies,” Reid says before walking his hands over toward Mahomes’ basket of chicken nuggets.

Perturbed, Mahomes pulls his food away before taking a bite of one to end the commercial, which can be seen in full below.

[embedded content]

The spot has been well-received, in part, because Reid is poking fun at himself. The Chiefs coach is a known foodie and has discussed, at length, some of his favorite meals and foods over the years. From his love of cheeseburgers to his excitement about trying German bratwurst, food always seems to be on his mind.

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But is there any additional truth to the commercial? Mahomes was asked about whether he had to shield his food from Reid at any point during their time together.

“I try to keep the nuggies and keep my cheeseburgers away from coach,” the quarterback joked.

Perhaps State Farm will follow up this one with Reid eventually getting his nuggies.

But even if not, the company still seems to have won over fans with the mere concept of having Reid utter the phrase “nuggies.”


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