College Football Betting Lines, Odds and Spreads 2023-24

Every autumn Saturday, droves of NCAA football fans turn their attention to college football moneylines, point spreads, and totals.

You’re on the right page if you’re looking for those exact college football betting lines, which are now live for the College Football Playoff and bowl games. 

See below for our live college football odds feed featuring current lines at the top NCAA football betting sites.

This week’s college football betting lines

The latest NCAA football lines from top US sports betting sites are listed above. You lock in the line when you place a bet.

The line might change before kickoff, but oddsmakers’ opinions rarely do. If a particular college football betting site changes a line based on increased betting, you can bet on what oddsmakers were originally thinking and stand a better chance of winning the bet. We call this “betting against the public.”

If Michigan is a 10-point favorite over Alabama, expert oddsmakers think Michigan will win by at least 11. However, if the line moves to -6.5 because most of the public bets on Alabama +10, Michigan needs to win by only a touchdown for you to win a bet on them. Laying fewer points means a better chance to win.

How to read NCAA football betting lines

College football betting sites post moneylines, point spreads, and totals for every college football game. You place bets at the currently posted odds, outlining how much you stand to win.

As an example, here’s what the lines looked like for last season’s College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

TCU @ Georgia Spread Moneyline Total
TCU +13 (-110) +350 Over 63.5 (-110)
Georgia -13 (-110) -450 Under 63.5 (-110)

If you bet TCU +13 at -110 odds, you stood to win $100, plus your bet back, for every $110 you bet. However, this bet lost because TCU fell 65-7. Bets on Georgia at -13 at the same -110 odds paid $100, plus your bet back, for every $110 bet. Georgia covered that spread handily, winning by 58. 

You could also have bet the TCU moneyline at +350. A $100 bet would have returned $450 had TCU shocked the world. Of course, that didn’t happen. Instead, Georgia -450 moneyline bettors got paid $100 plus their bets back for every $450 they laid down.

Finally, the total asked you to bet on the teams scoring more or less than 63.5 combined points. Both bets had the same -110 odds, which meant you stood to win $100, plus your bet back, for every $110 bet. With 72 total points in the game, the over won out. 

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Which sportsbooks have the best college football betting lines?

There’s no definitive answer to which sportsbook has the best NCAAF lines. That can vary weekly and depend on your bet of choice. That said, the four online sportsbooks detailed below tend to post strong college football lines. 

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is known for posting the most competitive NCAA football betting lines. Caesars offers the usual college football markets—spreads, same game parlays, alternate lines—often at superior odds.

Caesars’ spreads can be up to 2.5 points better at this sportsbook, and although there aren’t a lot of college football betting promos at Caesars, there are college football odds boosts every week. 

FanDuel Sportsbook

The NCAA football betting lines at FanDuel Sportsbook go beyond standard spreads, moneylines, and totals to include parlays, quarter-by-quarter betting, and comprehensive National Championship futures betting. You’ll also find college football betting promos at FanDuel, including bonus bets, bet and gets, parlay insurance, and free-to-play contests.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook offers the same college football betting lines as the competition, plus more props and same game parlay opportunities. NCAA football betting promos at BetMGM include National Championship Game bonus bets just for betting on the semifinal bowl games.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook simply has more NCAA football betting lines than the competition. These lines are consistently competitive, and DraftKings runs promos surrounding college football that begin with the regular season and ramp up for the College Football Playoff National Championship and bowl season.

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Where can I bet on the latest NCAA football betting lines?

Some states don’t allow certain types of college football betting. Here’s a look at some state restrictions.

NCAAF Betting States Betting on In-State Schools Betting on In-State Games & Schools Betting on In-State Games, Schools, College Player Props College Player Props College Player or Team Props Live College Player Props College Player Props or Live College Team Props
New Hampshire            
New Jersey            
New York            
Rhode Island            
South Dakota              
Washington DC            
West Virginia            
North Carolina (Tribal Casino only)              
New Mexico (Tribal Casino only)              
Wisconsin (Tribal Casino only)              

How are college football betting lines set?

NCAA football oddsmakers set the latest lines with computer-like accuracy because they use computers to set these lines.

The oddsmakers employ computer modeling and algorithms that consider everything from power rankings and win-loss records to historical and current matchup data, weather, injuries, and home-field advantage. 

Live NCAA football betting lines

In most states, you can bet on college football during games. The lines are mostly the same as those available before the game, but live NCAA football betting lines change alongside the action.

You might bet on Georgia -13 before the game, but the live line will change dramatically if they get up by 20 at the half. There will also be lines on live props, the latest drive, and the next play. Use any of the best sports betting apps to get in on the action.

College football props and futures

You can bet on NCAA football props and futures lines in most states. Props will include lines on player and team scoring and stats.

Futures are primarily season-long lines on teams winning a conference, making the College Football Playoff, or winning the College Football Playoff National Championship. However, you can also bet on who will win the Heisman Trophy and other NCAA awards.

Futures lines are available anytime, with long opening odds that shorten for favorites as the season progresses. You lock in the odds when you bet, meaning the earlier you bet, the better the odds.

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Bowl game and National Championship lines

The most popular futures are National Championship and bowl game lines. These lines are available anytime, with long opening odds that shorten for the favorites as the season progresses.

Betting early often means riskier bets that offer the chance to win big. To be clear, though, the individual game lines for bowl games aren’t set until it’s announced which teams will play. These offer significantly shorter odds than most futures.

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Vegas NCAA football betting lines

Las Vegas is the original home of sports betting in the US, and it remains home to various retail sportsbooks, swanky new sportsbook lounges, and the most accurate NCAA football betting lines in the country.

Local online sportsbooks in your state might set their own lines, but they’ll base them on what Vegas is doing. 

As a result, college football betting lines start close to the same at every NCAA football betting site in the country and most Vegas sportsbooks. Betting might force an operator to change its line, which is why you’ll find some differences.

However, college football betting lines are generally similar, no matter where you bet on them.

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